Veibae – Who is Veibae?

Veibae may remain unknown to her followers, yet she maintains a close relationship with them and even married another VTuber named Silvervale in a virtual reality event.

Vei is known to be an enthusiastic memer who frequently gets drunk on stream. Her 2D avatar model depicts dark crimson horns.


Veibae is an UK-based streamer, virtual YouTuber (vtuber), and social media celebrity known for her popular streams on Twitch and YouTube with popular sexy content and lighthearted banter. She hails from Poland with close-knit family ties who has an eccentric personality.

Veibae face reveal remains modest despite her fame, and open about sharing information regarding her health issues – recently, she disclosed having fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.

Veibae first launched her stream on 25 July 2015. She debuted as a VTuber in April 2020 and quickly saw an increase in followers after popular Japanese YouTuber, Shinji, posted videos featuring her. Veibae currently works with VShojo talent agency along with Silvervale and Ironmouse; among her many outfits are pink jumpsuits, Japanese schoolgirl dresses, custom black and white maid dresses as well as pointy ears and horns on her head.

Net worth

Veibae is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who makes a considerable sum from her streams. She is also well-known merch seller with thousands of fans following and buying merchandise from her – though she prefers keeping her personal life private rather than reveal herself to the public.

Her YouTube channel serves to upload highlights from her live streams and currently boasts 613k subscribers and 26 million video views, with many Japanese followers among its ranks – one of her main target markets.

Veibae was born on 10 December but does not disclose her exact age or any details about herself. She hails from Britain with mixed heritage ancestry; due to having an half-Polish mother she has developed an accent unique to herself that often appears on her streams. Furthermore, Veibae has an older brother that often appears as well.

Social media presence

Veibae, a well-known virtual social media streamer, has garnered immense popularity due to her captivating streams. Utilizing custom avatars and stories to keep her fans engaged despite creating content rated 18+, Veibae has managed to retain her audience.

Veibae is represented by VShojo, an online talent agency which manages other VTubers including Apricot (Froot), Silvervale, Hime Hajime and Nyatasha Nyanners. Veibae has recently been subjected to criticism over her voice which many fans have taken issue with.

Her real name remains unknown, though she is believed to be 25 years old. She often attends livestreams hosted by her brother. Furthermore, she utilizes various props in order to keep viewers entertained: such as wearing bunny ears and cat ears to accentuate her appearance or wearing different clothing; including maid outfits as seen at her redebut.

Streaming style

Veibae is a virtual streamer who utilizes an avatar to interact with her audience. She began streaming in 2015, quickly garnering popularity with English-speaking viewers, leading her to create a Twitter account and begin selling merchandise. By 2021, her success led her into controversy when an unknown Twitter user claimed they were Veibae; though Veibae denied this was indeed her, many viewers remain suspicious as to her true identity.

Veibae decided to create a new avatar and began streaming with this look in 2020. Her new look features long white hair with blue eyes, pointed ears and dark red horns which differed from her former black 3D version. Her clothing options and props add atmosphere during streams; her stream has an 18+ rating while keeping private details under wraps.

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