Unique Footwear Styles to try out this Summer 2023

Subconsciously the first thing someone notices about you when meeting for the first time is your shoes. To make a lasting first impression, you must put your best foot forward literally! The kind of footwear we wear defines our overall personality. This is why, no matter how much you love your flip-flops, they can’t be a part of every outfit you wear. 

You must own different pairs of footwear that are fit for different occasions. If you want to know which footwear goes with which outing or outfit, check out this women’s shoe guide for some help.

  1. Ballerinas: Inspired by the ballerinas, these shoes are so comfortable and chic at the same time. Their sole curves when you’re not wearing them make them easier to pack, and their soles are thicker than sandals, which means your feet won’t hurt wearing these flat shoes. You can wear them with your jeans and skirts and everything ruffles. 
  1. Loafers: If tying shoe laces only for them to become untie during the most unsuspecting times is a hassle, loafers are what you should switch to. These low-key shoes are everyone’s favourite because they are easy to slip your feet into and are neither too dressy nor formal, which means you can wear them with your jeans, shirt and even skirts. 
  1. Flip-flops: Flip-flops are summer essentials because they are so hassle-free to wear and roam around. You can wear them to the beach and even during your errand run. Wear them with your bikinis, shorts and even floral dresses to complete your perfect summer look.
  1. Brogues: Formal shoes for women can be sexy if you have a pair of brogues to go with your shirt, trousers and a blazer. Instead of wearing heels, which can sometimes be tiring, especially if you have a long day at work, slip into these sexy pair of brogues to make a statement.
  1. Gladiator sandals: Give your good old pair of sandals the much-needed sexy twist by slipping on a pair of gladiator sandals. Summer is the time to show off your sexy legs and tan, and what better way to do so than wearing gladiator sandals? The criss-cross tie detailing adorned with little colourful pompoms is just the right way to spice up your beach look. You can pair these with your shorts, kimonos and even kaftans.
  2. Canvas shoes: These are one of the coolest shoes a woman can own. They are so comfortable and can be paired with almost every outfit. From jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses, a pair of white Converse sneakers deserves a place in your wardrobe.
  1. Wedges: Add a few inches to your frame by wearing a pair of wedges with your floral dresses and create the perfect flirty look this summer. You can buy this footwear in a range of colours, such as yellow, hot pink, green and blue, to add a pop of colour to your summer look.

Above mentioned are some of the best footwear you can buy this summer.

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