Tee Morant Is a Bad Influence on His Son Ja Morant

Tee Morant, father of NBA star Ja Morant and an incredibly popular presence at Grizzlies games. He is often noted for providing guidance to help improve Ja’s game as he develops into an athlete himself. Furthermore, Tee has often made headlines due to his outspoken nature in media interviews about Ja and their family life.

Recently, he was involved in an altercation with Shannon Sharpe at a Grizzlies game, as well as frequenting seedier establishments and strip clubs.

He’s a great leader

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies has become one of the league’s hottest stars due to his incredible play on and off the court. Nike even provided him with his own signature shoe; his fame and following are unparalleled; while many are drawn to him due to his hometown pride. Yet some are worried about his off-court conduct.

Recently suspended for 25 games due to social media gun flashing incidents, Memphis guard Mike Conley is back and looking to capture another championship title with Memphis; but off-court issues could prove a significant hindrance for his career.

At a recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Stephen Adams got into an altercation with Shannon Sharpe. They started exchanging verbal insults between themselves before security had to break them up and bring order. It caused quite a scene which led to players Steven Adams and Dillon Brooks also engaging with Sharpe until eventually, coaches intervened before it escalated further and was resolved without anyone being injured in any way.

He’s a great teammate

Tee Morant age can be an outstanding teammate, yet is sometimes less adept at handling his personal issues off-court. He’s been known to engage in fights with teammates and berate players or their parents – once even showing up unexpectedly at an interview of Karl-Anthony Towns’ father just so he could engage him in conversation about trash talk!

He’s been accused of abusing his fame to go out drinking and visit strip clubs despite being underage, even visiting strip clubs with fans when he wasn’t supposed to. Furthermore, he got involved in a fight with fans after punching one player during a game and was later kicked out from that match due to it.

However, he’s still an incredibly talented basketball player and makes for an excellent teammate overall. If he can improve his off-court behavior he could continue being one of the league’s premier players. Additionally he benefits from an exceptional support system; specifically his mother and father who have always provided invaluable love and advice throughout his career.

He’s a great shooter

Tee Morant, father of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, has an enormous impact on his son’s basketball career. A regular presence at games, he talks trash with fans while also standing up for him in media interviews defending him against speculation that he might be detrimental to Ja. Yet Tee has also been accused of being an unhealthy influence for Ja.

On one occasion, he became involved in an argument with former NFL player and Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe, accusing her of being an offensive “hater” and trash talker; security had to intervene and restrain her.

He also received a 25 game suspension after brandishing a gun during an Instagram Live video and has since apologized. We can only hope he learns from his mistakes and focuses on winning the Grizzlies their first championship; these playoffs will provide ample testing of this.

He’s a great passer

Tee Morant is one of the premier passers in college basketball, making any team better through his passing ability and effective defense. Furthermore, his intelligence enables him to break down his game after each high school or college game and serve as a great mentor for his younger sister Teniya.

Karl Towns Sr, father of Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns Jr, became a fan favorite during the 2022 postseason when they playfully bickered on television broadcasts and made him a fan favorite. Additionally, his interactions with other NBA stars also garnered much media coverage.

Although Morant has immense talent, some question whether his father was a bad influence. These critics point to frequent trips he made with his son to Memphis’ seedier establishments and strip clubs the night before games; many also claim that Morant would fly private jets directly from Memphis arena directly to arena; afterwards being either too drunk for team meetings the following morning, or arriving hungover or late.

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