How to choose the perfect height for bathroom furniture?

Are you renovating or building your bathroom and not sure how high to place your bathroom furniture set? We advise you through this article so that you can keep a functional space in harmony. The smallest detail is important for a bathroom knowing that its purpose is comfort and well-being. Here are some suggestions for optimizing the space and properly locating your bathroom furniture to have a relaxing room like a little cocoon.

Thoughtful placement for an optimized room

Like our kitchen, we renovate our bathroom approximately every 15 to 20 years. In order to best fit out your bathroom, several criteria must be taken into account when fitting out the bathroom. The size of your room, the design of the furniture and your organizational needs count as much as the other criteria indicated by the European standards. First of all, if your room is square, we advise you to use low or freestanding furniture to avoid the impression of a low ceiling. For the other rooms, do not hesitate to place furniture on the heights of the walls such as a suspended washbasin cabinet for example.

Be careful, check the solidity of your walls before installing a suspended piece of furniture. If each piece of furniture is of a different height, we recommend aligning them either from the top or from the bottom and not placing them randomly. For this space to be functional and pleasant to live in, leave 50 centimeters between each piece of furniture, 70 centimeters in front of a shower or a sink and 1 meter in front of a bathtub. For your safety, a space of 40 to 60 cm is necessary between electrical connections and water points in order to avoid electrocution.

What height for my vanity unit?

Many people ask themselves this question: what is the right height for my basin or my sink? This question is completely normal, nobody likes to bend down too much or stand on their tiptoes to wash their hands. A multitude of colors and sizes of bathroom furniture is now available at Homary, as much for a worktop as for the fronts of a drawer, including the ceramic of your double sink. Blue, white, black or even oak, in 40 cm or 160, everything is possible! According to European standards, for a wall-hung washbasin, it is necessary to calculate 83 centimeters between the ground and the drain. When it comes to furniture with built-in basin or countertop basin, the measurement taken from the floor to the top of the basin is between 85 and 90 centimeters knowing that the countertop basin is larger.

And the mirror?

The bathroom mirror is an essential in this room, it allows you to carry out daily tasks requiring precision such as shaving or makeup for example. From rectangular to round, including LED and heating functions, the choice is yours! To be comfortable, European standards recommend keeping a distance of 20 centimeters between the top of your sink or vanity unit and the bottom of the mirror. Another distance index is indicated: place the center of your mirror at a distance of about 1.30 to 1.50 meters from the ground.

As for long wall mirrors, it is recommended to place the bottom approximately 10 centimeters from the ground. However, these distances may not correspond to your bathroom or the occupants of your home. The purpose of a mirror remains to see your face so if this is not the case, do not hesitate to modulate it according to your needs. Also, if your faucet is too high, you can raise your mirror so that the faucet does not interfere with its reflections.

What about the bathroom cabinet?

The bathroom cabinet, also called a bathroom cabinet, is space-saving furniture by combining two functions in one closet. Behind its doors with mirror, the wardrobe has several storage spaces with shelves most often. It is thus very useful and most often replaces the mirror. It is advisable to place it at a distance of about 30 to 40 centimeters from the top of the basin. This allows you not to bump when rinsing your mouth.

And for storage?

It is essential to position storage furniture in your bathroom, storage columns are and are generally very appreciated for their significant storage capacity. If you decide to opt for this useful furniture, we recommend that you place the top of your column at the same level as the upper side of your mirror or bathroom cabinet. This creates an important visual uniformity. This storage space will be essential to keep your beauty products close at hand.

The importance of adaptation according to the profiles

The standards are useful to help us locate approximately where we should place the furniture, but the users of these are to be taken into account too! Different profiles may be present in your home, so it is a question of finding a balance or adaptations in order for the room to be usable by all.

1. Tall people

For slightly taller people, it is possible to increase the height of the vanity unit between 85 and 87 centimeters or more if you want it even taller. However, we recommend a maximum of 92 centimeters. These standards are put in place so that all dwellings are accessible to everyone. When reselling or renting your property, if no one sees themselves in the mirror or has difficulty accessing storage, the transaction will not be facilitated.

2. People with reduced mobility

If you or someone in your household has reduced mobility, standard sizes apply so that traffic can move around peacefully and without obstacles. For storage furniture such as a suspended column cabinet, European standards recommend a distance of 30 to 150 centimeters from the floor (otherwise, opt for a half-column storage) and the mirror, between 80 and 105 centimeters from the floor. Regarding the washbasin cabinet, you must leave at least 70 centimeters between the ground and the underside of the cabinet or sink, 60 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters deep to access it with a wheelchair.

3. Children

As far as children are concerned, it depends on whether you want to create a dedicated bathroom for them or whether they use the same room as you. In the first case, we recommend placing your furniture at a lower height, i.e. the basin at an interval of 50 to 70 centimeters from the ground. If your bathroom is shared, prefer the use of a small non-slip stool so that they are at the right height, it will save you from changing the layout of your furniture regularly.

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