Hilarious Essay Writing Excuses That Students Make to Avoid the Burden

Have you ever forgotten writing your essay? If this line has made you smile, your answer is probably yes. In this case, the only thing that can save you from your professor must be an excuse, right? Now and then, many scholars make several excuses to escape from this situation and look for the ”write my essay” service. It is common among students to avoid writing essays for various reasons. Like language issues, not being able to understand the subject and settling into a new country make their lives complex. There are other reasons as well, for which they avoid writing and make some funny or serious excuses. Here are the information given below, will highlight some of the common excuses made by students.

Best Excuses Students Make to Get Out of Writing Essays

There are terrible excuses that a student makes to defend themself for not writing an essay. Sometimes they make the funniest excuses, but other times they make some serious ones. So in this article, there is a list of funny excuses.

My Dog Ate My Homework- There is a high chance that no one will ever believe this, but students make it up to defend themselves.

My Computer Broke- Your professor can trust this, but it has been overused, and sometimes it is not trustable.

The Internet Was Not Working- As every student uses the internet to finish their work, this might sound genuine to professors.

My Grandma Died- In history, this excuse is used millions of times to avoid not doing homework. It sometimes works because professors cannot ask for evidence.

My Sibling Tore It Off– If one has a younger sibling, then they might have blamed them for not completing their work.

My Mother Wanted to Display It on the Fridge– This is an unusual but funny excuse made by students, but in this case, your teacher can ask you to bring your essay.

My Dad Mistook It for a Letter and Posted It to His Office- In this generation, students still use this and blame on father for saving themselves. It is funny, but no one will believe this.

 I Was Sick and I have a Sick Note– It is one of the genuine excuses, and professors might say anything when one says this.

My Mother or Father Went to Hospital- If the student’s parents are in the hospital, there is a chance that the teacher will show mercy to the students.

I Wasn’t Here When the Work Was Assigned– It is one of the excellent excuses for avoiding strict teachers. So they save themselves from any punishment. 

 I Was Too Busy Doing Something More Important- Many students genuinely have many works, but many uses this as an excuse. 

My Parents Kept Me Busy on the Weekend- Throwing anything at parents is an easy way to get away from the problems. That is why students use this excuse.

I Did My Homework, but I Left It at Home- This excuse shows that at least the student has put in some effort, but this only works for one day. It is because the teacher can ask to bring the essay the next day.

 I Spilled Cereal All Over It– This sounds believable, and professors also trust this, so they do not ask them to bring the ruined essay paper.

 I Was at My Relative’s Funeral – Students can reach any level when it comes to not writing essays or any other paper. Also, this excuse leaves professors stunned.

So these were some amusing excuses that various students made to save themselves from their professor’s anger. From all this, you must have used a few; if not, you can pick and use them to extend your work. However, if you do not want to use them, then you can search for ”write my essay” and Homework Help online. It can help you finish your essay more quickly and enhance your grades. Still, if there is any query, you can contact their customer support team via call or chat.

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