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freelance wireless site assessment experts

Surveys that are recommended for wireless network installations are conducted by independent experts in wireless site surveys.

A wireless site survey, also known as an RF site survey or a wireless survey, is the procedure for organising and constructing a wireless system. In order to classify the most advantageous installation positions for access sockets and perform research to control the presence of RF interference, surveys typically involve a site visit. This calls for investigating building floor plans, going to the location, and using site survey techniques. With the aid of Freelance Wireless Site Survey, your wireless local area network (WLAN) can be enhanced for your IT and telecom infrastructure. Using Site Survey Specialist, you can reasonably provide the analysis, performance, capability, Quality of Service (QoS), security, and roaming competency your business requires. Travel time and expenses are decreased by remote access to wireless site assessment services.

Their investigation suggests possible

  1. Rates for Data Coverage
  2. Ability to travel and network power
  3. Amount of Help (QoS)
  4. A comprehensive wireless site assessment is necessary for a wireless network to be finished on time and on budget.

How to Conduct Wireless Polls

To carry out wireless site surveys, equipment and tools that collect and analyse WLAN metrics and RF spectrum properties are used. The valid range selection determines the region that requires wireless connectivity. A surveyor with a portable computer walks around the structure gathering data.

After each place has been manually or GPS marked, the following information is gathered:

  1. Strengthen Notifications in Run.
  2. (Electrical, not aural) noise (electrical, not audio)
  3. SNR stands for signal-to-noise ratio (This determines the minimum signal needed for given applications to run effectively)
  4. Bandwidth

These variables are compiled and then put through specialised software for analysis.

Various Wireless Site Assessment Designs

Any one of the following three types of site assessments can be carried out by a professional:


In order to detect potential entry points and measure signal and noise levels, this type of survey watches WLAN behaviour.


During the live survey, wireless adapters are attached to a variety of access points. The wireless network’s efficacy after deployment is assessed by the active survey. A data transmission error can be fixed if it is found.


Mockup tools are used to create the RF modelling in this type of study. Virtual access points are placed on the network’s designated region to determine the expected coverage.

Additionally, spectrum analyzers are used to identify the primary source of RF activity.

The majority of wireless networks in use today are not properly designed or installed, and many of them do not offer the level of service that was expected, according to autonomous studies. Strict wireless site inspections, careful planning, and design activities are becoming crucial in order to support the new class of wireless services like mobile VoIP and instantaneous geolocation services.

Standards for Teaching

The minimal requirements for becoming a freelance site survey expert are experience and a degree in telecommunication engineering or a closely related field.

Work Opportunities

According to Freelancers Union, 69 percent of independent workers believe that new technology has made it easier to find gig pros. Freelancers presently have many more opportunities through the digital platform than the two or three most popular websites.

Payscale Prediction

The average annual salary for a freelance wireless survey technician is between $26,446 and $52,130, according to Being a freelancer might be a smart move. The only venue for self-employed wireless survey experts in the telecom sector is top freelance markets like

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