Discover the Latest Maryum N Maria Collection

It has specialised in embroidered chiffon for 30 years. All the collections are styled and designed in accordance with current fashion trends. Maryum N Maria has established itself as a major name in bridal collections for weddings. New collections are released every year according to the season, whether it be winter or summer. Raja Sahib and other retail establishments carry MnM outfits and all of their collections.

Maryum n Maria Dresses | Summer Collection’ 23

The majority of the formal attire that Maryum N Maria produces has embroidery and fabric that is suitable for weddings. As a result, they are suitable for wearing in the winter as well. The Luxurious Chiffon Collections provide embroidered front and back pure chiffon. The gorgeous and distinctive embroidery makes it the ideal choice for women to wear to their wedding and stand out from the crowd. A net lehenga, an embroidered-chiffon dupatta, and the pallu border with lining all have dispersed embroidery.

Maryum N Maria Clothes | Ready to Wear Chicken Kaari 2023

Recently the Ready to wear chikankari collection for year’ 23 was released.To help you fall in love with weddings and with yourself, MnM provides you with a selection of beautiful pastel colours. Each piece of clothing is professionally made with intricate embroidery that will make you smile and attest to the wearer’s ecstatic feeling. Each design has a tasteful frame to offer you a majestic and beautiful appearance.

The dresses can be adorn at parties and outings with your friends. With seven articles in this collection you can choose the dress you like. It has a wide selection of colors, from light to dark. Another of their ensembles is soft pink fabric with lovely silver embroidery. A dress with stunning neckline work is also included, which will have you swooning.

Maryum N Maria Collections Released this Summer ‘23

The nicest part about this brand is that they provide you with the finest cloth at very reasonable prices with excellent embroidery on it. The newest contemporary styles are used in the design and styling of their garments. Maryum and Maria’s designs are what any girl would want to wear at festive events since they know what is trending currently. The clothing silhouettes of each collection are eastern, but the handiwork and self-printed decorations are done in a western way that distinguishes their brand while still keeping the costs the same.

The Blossom Bride | A Formal Collection

The formal collections released this summer ‘The Blossom Bride’ have a vast range of hues. They provide collections that feature reasonably priced, fashionable clothes. A few beautiful and elegant designs by Maryum N Maria collections from this season can improve your wedding attire. To all future brides who are searching for the ideal attire but are unsure of what to wear or where to look.

Premium Luxury Lawn Collection by Maryum N Maria

The premium collection has the most beautiful pieces. Sang e paras is one of the most regal formal collections. The dresses in this collection stand out from the rest because of the colors they have chosen. The colors included are orange, red, yellow, grey, green and silver. The embroidered work is also in multiple colors as this helps in contrasting and some colors don’t suit a certain color.

The luxury lawn collection is also premium and has embroidery on the dresses as well. The color combinations fully show the spring vibes. The floral patterns and the flower work makes the dresses more feminine. These dresses come in both unstitched and stitched types.

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