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The highly scorching heat is on! You have to ensure that you are extremely hydrated and comfortable during these hot days. We assume you are taking your glucose regularly and keeping your skin safe from the UV rays by applying lot of sunscreens. But what about your dresses? Are you investing in some comfortable and fashionable summer attires as well? If not, it is time to buy some super comfortable apparel for yourself so that you are ready for the sun in full swing. Let’s talk about the women bottom wear today. These are extremely important to provide you with great comfort and of course, a high level of style when you move out on these hot days. And if you are confused about which bottoms would be extremely comfortable and mostly suitable for the summer days and nights, then here is a guide for you to buy some of the comfiest women bottom wear for this season. 

  • Palazzo pants — We just can’t commence listing the women’s bottom wear perfect for summer without naming the Palazzo pants which are extremely comfortable and highly airy bottoms that let you move on without getting the fabric stuck on your skin. These loose-fitted and flared bottoms match every attire, whether it is Indian or Western or Indo-western for that matter. You just have to pick the right colour for summer like pastels, white or cream. Match them with your shirts, Kurtis, and t-shirts and head on to the casual and formal outings looking cool and comfy. 
  •  Harem pants — The harem pants are flared near your thighs and tend to clasp your ankles at the bottom. These are extremely suitable for the summer season because they are loosely fitted near your thigh area which leaves good room for movement.  The harem style is obviously something unique and impressive. You can pick these harem pants in skin-friendly and summer suitable materials like cotton, Lycra and rayon and match them with your t-shirts or tops for casual outings and holiday time. 
  • Trousers — Even your regular trousers can be extremely cool and comfortable summer wear if you are picking them in the right fabric. You will have to adjust the fit and go for a comfortable one rather than opening for the tight fit on regular days. These trousers can be of light colours like beige, grey or green and blue, wearing them with your shirts will give you the perfect office look you want for the summer season. 
  • Long skirts — When we are talking about women bottom wear, let’s not forget to list the skirts which are both traditional and western in appearance. For example, if you wear these skirts below your kurta, these can give you a traditional look which can be extremely suitable for your summer festivals. Now, if you are heading to work and you want to look classy and formal, then where these skirts over your shirt or top. Just ensure that you are picking up neutral colours and solid forms for your formal meetings and work. For the festive collection, of course, you can opt for vibrant colours and patterned skirts to look beautiful and comfortable in this attire.
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