Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom According to Your Lifestyle

Bathroom renovation can become a complex and tedious task if you don’t know where to start. These tips will help you to initially start the process.

Floors & Walls

According to the Vaughan bathroom renovation experts, there are many options, including ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, synthetic stones, vinyl, and natural stone. It is important to be aware of the characteristics and quality of each product.

Stoneware and ceramic pieces are still the most popular, with many advantages.

  • Greater resistance to water and humidity
  • We can create infinite combinations of our choosing
  • Manufacturers are constantly changing styles and sizes.
  • There are many market prices
  • Durability increases over time
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning

Recently, reworked parts have been used to reduce joint noise and improve cleaning.

Except for rooms in classic styles, natural stone is almost no longer used in bathrooms or toilets. This is due to the high cost of the material and the limited selection of stones.

Bathroom walls

Plastic paint and wallpaper are not surprising choices when it comes to bathroom walls. You don’t have to discard the space where the shower or bathtub is located.

Vinyl covers have traditionally been used for sanitary purposes. However, in recent years, more appealing finishes have been promoted for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also available in a tile format which is very simple to install.

If you are looking to make a change in the look of your rooms, this may be the best choice. They can be glued over existing tiles. They can be used for temporary changes, but not as permanent solutions.

The lighting

Bathrooms without adequate lighting are not functional. Bathroom lighting is crucial and must be planned well.

It is always a good idea to save money by using LEDs. Each zone can be turned off independently so you can use the lights you don’t need, such as while you take a shower.

Do not hesitate to use natural light if you have it. A skylight or window in a bathroom is always a bonus.

Three types of lighting are essential for a bathroom design to be successful:

  • For ambient light, the first is decorative (strips are placed on the vanity unit when it’s flown).
  • The first is functional light, while the second is general.
  • One or two sconces to illuminate the mirror area.


A bathroom without a mirror is not worth the effort! It is an essential accessory in every bathroom. It is up to you to decide the style, size, and shape that you prefer.

And it is important to remember that small bathrooms with simple frame mirrors are better because they allow for more light. The larger the mirror, the more space it provides for the bathroom’s interior. Backlit mirrors can be used to avoid putting another light in the sink area.

Bathroom Furniture

The wrong furniture choice is one of the biggest mistakes we make in bathrooms. It is simply because they don’t know what they want to store in there. The cabinet should be either a working design or open and with shelves.

The finishes include wood, lacquer, or glass.

Two aspects must be considered when renovating the bathroom or designing furniture.

  • Make sure to organize the interior with drawers and shelves.
  • If you plan to install sockets in the bathroom, such as the hairdryer, the razor, or the electric toothbrush, it is important to plan.

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The style of our bathroom will be determined by the flooring and wall materials we choose, but you can also choose materials based on your preference.

These are some tips:

  • Elegance is always a hallmark of natural stones
  • Wood, whether natural or imitated, gives warmth.
  • Modernity and continuous textures.
  • You can choose from classic or modern mosaics and ceramic pieces.

We want to remind you that it is not possible to leave the decisions about the parts of the bathroom or toilet reform up to chance.

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