As we are used to our same old humdrum life, Friday evenings come as a huge break for all of us! Haven’t at some point, we all have debated quitting our jobs and heading to a place more calm and peaceful and settling down along the riverside, amidst lush green nature, in a wooden hut, or just camping in a tent and gazing at the stars all night long? This seems like a dream life for us, doesn’t it?

One can quickly do the balancing act, especially if staying in Pune! The city is snuggled between the mighty Sahyadris on one side and the lovely plateau on the other, leaving us with multiple options to explore! Camping near Pune is one of the special activities and recreation options for tourists or even the locals. 

  • Kaas Plateau

Maharashtra is quite proud to have its very own Valley of Flowers! And why not? Situated at a distance of 136 km from Pune, the place invokes a feeling of being in nothing less than heaven! Kaas is a place for families and especially for all photography enthusiasts! The best time to visit here is between the months of  September and November as this is when the place is at its full glory! This region is home to around 850 species of flowers and has plenty of trails for hiking. One has an option of either checking in to one of the camps or pitching the tent. Till recent times, this place was a reserved secret, but now people from nearby cities flock here to see the blooms, to trek, and for photography.

  • Rajmachi Camping

Rajmachi Fort has situated about 16 km from Lonavala. It is one of the most renowned trekking and camping destinations. The best part about this trekking to the top is that the trek is graded ‘easy’ making this as the most loved destination for beginners and also for those people who are not looking for too much adventure to try on.

Once reaching atop, one can perch the tent on the open grounds, or one can stay at the villager’s homes at a nominal cost.

Other seasonal attractions in this place include seeing fireflies before the onset of monsoons and the Kataldhar waterfall during monsoons. Because it is a trek, winters, and monsoons are perfect as the summers tend to get too hot and uncomfortable.

  •  Lonavala-Khandala

These twin hill stations are an absolute favorite for many! Based at a distance of approximately 70 km from Pune, one can easily drive down here in two hours at the most! The drive itself is so smooth and picturesque. The best thing about these places is that it has something to offer everyone! From luxurious stays to water parks to adventure resorts to camping, this place has it all!  And that explains the crazy crowd there every weekend, although the best season would be in winter and monsoons! 

  • Pawna Lake Camping

Ever imagined waking up to a lake adjoining the tent, with the last smoke coming out from the bonfire there? One can experience all this at Pawna Lake which is situated ten km off Kamshet on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, and it makes a scenic location for camping too. Various players have their campsites, and their offerings include outdoor games, barbeque, music nights, etc. Pawna is the ideal location for a quiet weekend with our friends and family. 

  • Camping in Velhe

Another off-beat destination about 50 km which is a 1 hour 45 minutes drive away from Pune is Velhe which is a small hamlet close to nature. A place where one can set up the campsite, or opt for one of the already set up campgrounds, one can do some real good soul cleansing here. Indulge in various activities like football, cricket, and archery, also learn to pitch a tent, and enjoy the barbeque and campfire in the evenings. Monsoons and winters are ideal seasons to go camping at Velhe, but the campsites are available for the whole year round! If one wants to go beyond camping, the adventure junkie in each can opt to trek the Torna Fort which is merely five km away from the village. The fort here has the historical significance of being one of the first forts to be acquired by the great Maratha warrior, Shivaji Maharaj.

Historical landmarks in Pune include the Lal Mahal, the Kasba Ganapati temple, and Shaniwar Wada. Major historical events involving the city also include the Mughal–Maratha Wars and the Anglo-Maratha Wars. It is also the most important automobile and manufacturing hub of our country.

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