Luxurious Amenities of Qalandars City

Qalandars City promises a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. Away from the deafening crowd and residing just in the heart of Lahore, Qalandars City ideal location sets benchmarks in the world of comfort and tranquillity. The project aims to provide all the modern amenities that one can expect in a top-notch housing society. From security to leisure, the project has it all. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the various amenities that Qalandars City has to offer.

Community spaces: 

To meet the requirements of its citizens, Qalandars City offers capacious community spaces. Billiards, table tennis, and snooker are just a few of the indoor games available at this gated community facility. There are also grounds for outdoor sports like basketball and tennis. The community centre is built to accommodate a range of events, such as workshops, conferences, and social gatherings. In addition to committing to defend your privacy, Qalandars City makes the initiative to let you relax with your family while being supervised.


One of the most crucial components of any housing community is security, and Qalandars City has given security great importance. Latest security measures have been incorporated in the project to secure the residents’ safety. Every area of the society has CCTV cameras installed, and security staff are on duty around-the-clock to keep an eye on activity.

High Performance Centre  

A futuristic academy, Qalandars High Performance Centre is a project of Lahore Qalandars. Successful sportsmen are fostered by QHPC from the talented young athletes. Athletes undergo physical training, leadership development, and confidence-building at Qalandars-HPC to assist them handle obstacles on and off the field.

Fitness facilities: 

Contemporary Sports Complex to meet your fitness goals and agendas with the highest quality possible. The high performance centre in Qalandars City helps residents’ physical and general well-being and is a perfect place for aspiring athletes to begin their daily sporting pursuits. Sports courts, a gym, and jogging trails provide additional fitness amenities.


The projected Qalandars City University includes state-of-the-art amenities and qualified instructors that give students leading education. It promises high-quality coaching and a fantastic framework for the community as a whole to prosper. Aiming to establish a top-notch faculty network, as well as a cutting-edge facility, to significantly impact society.

Green spaces and Parks: 

Qalandars City was created with the intention of giving its citizens a convenient and healthy lifestyle. Because according to this a sizable percentage of the project’s land has been set aside for parks and other open areas. The community has a number of parks, each with special characteristics. These parks provide jogging paths, kid play areas, and benches where you can relax. Parks in Qalandars City serve as family getaways that offer tranquilly and peace to locals of all ages.

Commercial Mall: 

Inside the community of Qalandars City, there is a carefully planned commercial centre. Shopping malls, banks, offices, apartments, chain stores, grocery stores, cafes, and other retail stores are planned for commercial blocks to accommodate business operations and residents’ everyday convenience needs. The shopping centre features a number of retail stores where residents may buy groceries, clothes, and other necessities for the household. These facilities also include cafes and restaurants where locals can have a meal or a cup of coffee.

Beautiful Mosques:

Our mosque lies in the heart of the community in Qalandars City. The mosque has a big prayer hall and all the amenities that are required, including ablution rooms, to accommodate a significant number of worshippers. The intricately crafted building offers peace and quiet, which is everything you want from a mosque! You will adore the atmosphere of our mosques, from the spacious interior to the exquisitely carved exterior.

Underground Electricity:

Electricity is an essential aspect of any housing project. With a carefully designed network for electrical pursuits, Qalandars City is proud to provide underground electricity infrastructure. Our residents’ comfort and ease tops everything else. Therefore, the hassle of messy electric wires all over is long gone!

Commercial plots:

4 Marla Plots

4 Marla commercial plots are offered by Qalandars City for your business endeavours. It’s time to invest in the best because Qalandars City provides a sea of limitless prospects for high-class living, first-rate facilities at prime locations, a world-class university, and a wonderful community, all of which make it a perfect place for both investments and businesses.

8 Marla Plots

8 Marla commercial plots are available in Qalandars City to help you accomplish your goals. Invest in the best business possibilities to build a brighter future for yourself and to achieve your aspirations of living in a world-class residence with high-class amenities, attending a world-class university, and being a part of a wonderful community.

  • 3,5,10 Marlas and 1 Kanal Residential Plots 

Residential Plots

3 Marla Plots

Qalandars City provides residential plots of 3 Marla in a gated community located in a prime area. High-end amenities and services, including a community centre, 24-hour surveillance and gated security, commercial areas, a top-notch university, and verdant parks, make it an excellent place to live.

5 Marla Plots

With our high performance centre, Qalandars City is happy to offer 5 Marla plots demarcated inside a great location, coupled with countless opportunities for young people to succeed in sports. With first-rate amenities and services, as well as business spaces and lush green parks, it is very desirable for a wonderful living environment.

10 Marla Plots

Well-designed community centres, progressive chances provided by our high performance centres, world class University, lush green parks for kids to play in, surveillance cameras within the gated community and top-notch electricity services, makes the overall experience definitely worth the while. 

1 Kanal Plots

Our 1 Kanal plot scheme, which includes our high performance centre, is a treat for young, aspiring cricket players. Qalandars City provides plots up to 1 Kanal demarcation with well-equipped parks, community centres, gated security systems, high-quality roads, and a world-class university. The ideal site asks for a great lifestyle with close by roadways, thoughtfully planned sewage systems, and a tranquil setting.

The Takeaway:

Qalandars City is a housing project that promises a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. The project has taken care of all the modern amenities that are necessary for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. From security to leisure, the project has it all. With its beautiful parks, modern sports complex, and state-of-the-art security systems, Qalandars City is indeed a great place to live.

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