Introducing The All-In-One Lead Management Software

For any business looking to increase its leads and conversions, lead management software is a must having app. It provides businesses with a comprehensive package of tools that help them manage their leads in one place. With the latest trend in technology and an intuitive user interface, businesses can now easily keep track of their leads, monitor their progress and maximize conversions.

With so many options available on the market today, how do you choose the right one for your business? That’s where we come in. We are introducing our all-in-one lead management application that will take your business to the next level.

Kit19 is the perfect tool for businesses that need a robust system to track, manage, and nurture their leads. With this app, you can get WhatsApp Business API and call management tools to help streamline your workflow and make sure that no leads slip through the cracks.

It helps business owners keep tabs on their leads, follow up with them at the right time, and close more deals. This ensures that no lead falls through the cracks, resulting in high conversion rates and improved customer acquisition costs.

Get WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to connect directly with customers over WhatsApp. With our software, businesses can create automated conversations that help them engage customers at scale and drive conversions through personalized messages. This also helps them save time by automating routine tasks like sending messages and updates to customers.

Call Management

It has a call management tool that helps you keep track of customer calls from start to finish. You can easily monitor incoming calls and assign them to different agents or departments for a better customer service experience. You can also track call metrics such as average duration and the total number of calls received or made within a particular period of time for effective lead management.

Easy Lead Tracking & Reporting

The lead tracking system allows you to easily keep track of all your leads in one place so you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities. You can also generate reports on different aspects such as the total number of leads acquired, conversion rates etc., giving you a better understanding of your customer base and helping you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies going forward.

Comprehensive Customer Profiles

The customer profiles feature provides comprehensive insights into each individual customer so that you have a better understanding of their needs, preferences and interests when reaching out to them or offering services/products tailored specifically for them. This makes it easier for businesses to provide personalized experiences which further drives customer satisfaction levels up.

Why Choose Kit19 for Lead Management?

  • WhatsApp Business API

Get WhatsApp Business API so you can easily communicate with your customers from within the app itself. This feature makes it easier to answer customer queries or provide updates quickly without having to use external tools or applications.

  • Call Management Feature

With this call management tool, you can easily record calls with customers or prospects and take notes on them while they’re happening. This helps ensure that no important information slips through the cracks during a call or meeting with a potential customer.

  • Lead Nurturing & Automation

Kit offers powerful lead nurturing features such as automated emails, drip campaigns, lead scoring system etc., which helps you nurture your leads in an efficient manner so you do not have to manually follow up with each one of them every time they interact with your business.

  • Analytics & Reports

Get detailed analytics about how many leads are being generated from each source and which channels are producing better results so that you can optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly. You also get comprehensive reports about how many deals have been closed using Kit19 so that you can measure its performance over time accurately.

  • 24/7 Support

Get 24/7 support from their dedicated team of experts who are always available if you run into any issues while using the app or need help understanding any feature better than before!


Are you looking for a lead management software that can help you stay ahead of the competition? The Lead management application- Kit19 is essential for any business looking to drive more sales through effective lead tracking & reporting, automated conversations with customers via WhatsApp Business API, comprehensive customer profiles & advanced automation features. Our all-in-one lead management software offers exactly this & more, giving businesses an edge over competitors & helping them maximize conversions quickly & efficiently.

With its user-friendly interface and 24/7 support team available at your service whenever needed, this app will become an indispensable part of managing your customer relationships effectively!

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