How to Use Video Schema Markup for Better Search Visibility?

Did you know that online videos have an audience reach of up to 92% worldwide and about 3.37 billion internet users consume video content? This clearly shows how much of a difference can video marketing make. Video marketing can be used to bring awareness about the brand by storytelling or by informing about your product. It is through video marketing that students get to know about cheap assignment help service providers and so on. This post will help in the process of optimizing video and using video schema markup for better search visibility.

Once you are aware of an online platform through video marketing then you can click the mentioned link of the website and hire a writer to avail write my assignment for me services. The whole purpose of view marketing is to provide value and bring more traffic to your website. However; it is easier said than done because a lot of effort is invested in order to make a video with a greater reach.

What is Video Schema Markup?

In recent years, a short video has become the new darling of the Internet after the network broadcast by virtue of its characteristics such as short time, high degree of entertainment, easy production, and sharing (Gao-fu Liu et al, 2019). Before explaining what actually video schema markup is, it is important to know what steps can be taken to improve the reach of your video. It is important to optimize the videos properly because 82% of global reach comes from video marketing. The following steps help in the process;

  • Focus on the quality of the video.
  • Optimize the title tags of the video.
  • Add as many keywords as possible.
  • Make use of Video Schema Markup.
  • Optimize thumbnail images of the video.
  • Make the video accessible to the public.

Up till now, you must have realized that video schema markup is used to optimize videos for marketing purposes. But, what actually is still a question, right? Basically; It is a code that appears as rich snippets in search engine result pages. This code can be added to your website; it tells how you have structured your video and helps the likes of Google to comprehend what the video is actually about.

Role of video schema markup in the optimization of the video:

As the world heads to a so-called ‘modern’ era, a lot has either evolved or changed for the video schema markup is a kind of this evolution. This plays an integral role in optimizing a video for marketing purposes. In this process can be understood by the following points;

  • It is through video schema markup that website owners are able to explain their content to search engines in a clearer way.
  • It is through video schema markup that search engines know about the video’s duration, the copyright holders, who made it, and related information.
  • There is a list of parameters that can be used to describe all about the video to the search engines so that when a user searches for any related content your video can pop up at the top of the page. This list of parameters is as follows;
  • The title of the video.
  • The description or the purpose of your video.
  • The thumbnail URL of your video.
  • The duration of your video.
  • Person/actor in the video.
  • Transcript of the video briefing more about it.
  • Date and time of posting the video, and so on.
  • Your target audience can learn a lot about your video through video markup schema before even watching it, which saves their time.

How to use video schema markup for better search visibility?

Now that it is well understood that schema markup plays a crucial role in video optimization, it is important to learn how to implement video schema markup for better search visibility. The following steps will help in the process;

1.     Check your page:

There are some engine pages that support video markup schema while some don’t. However; major engine pages like Google, Bingo, and Yahoo do support video markup schema for video optimization purposes. You need to check whether your chosen page supports rich results or not. Google has a tool from where you can check it by entering the URL of your website.

2.     Generate your schema:

The next step is to generate the schema, which can be done by using Google’s structured data helper.

3.     Enter the code:

Once your schema has been generated, there will be a box where you will need to copy your URL and enter your code.

4.     Highlight items from the tag data list:

After that; a heading in red will appear at the top of the page labeled as tag data. This tag data will present you with the list of data items. Make sure to highlight any of the items that are listed in bold.

5.     Download the data:

The next step is to create HTML, view the data it has produced, and finally download it.

6.     Add to content management system:

The last step is to add your downloaded data to the content management system.

How to make the most out of your video markup schema?

Creating video markup schema might seem to be a daunting task initially but once you have got a grip on it then it won’t be as difficult. Besides; you can further improve your video markup schema game by following the below-mentioned steps;

·        Make a strategy:

Doing marketing without a strategy is like attempting exams without prepping for them. Make a strong strategy about the kind of video you want to make, the audience you want to target, and the content you would like to rank for plus the videos you want to promote.

·        Use search-engine-optimized keywords:

Never forget to add search-engine-optimized keywords as they are one of the main elements to bring more traffic to your website. Add keywords in your title, your thumbnail, description, and pages.

·        Keep it updated:

When you change the video or add a new video to your website link; make sure that you have updated your video markup schema as well including the URL code, thumbnail, title, and so on.

·        Avoid stuffing KWs:

Okay; adding keywords is important but an excess of anything is not good so make sure that the keywords that you are adding are not being stuffed too much. It can doubt search engines whether the website is relevant enough or not.

·        Add necessary details:

Fill in all the required boxes that will improve the visibility of your video including title, thumbnail, duration, and so on.

·        Pick a format wisely:

Video markup schema also has certain formats from which users can pick according to their choice. It is recommended to pick the format that is most suitable and preferred according to your type of content.

·        Check to code:

It is required to test the coding before final submission; this can be done by using a validation tool.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote any brand or bring awareness to it. The use of schema markup is also one such step in optimizing your video and making it easier for the audience to get to know more about the video. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding all about video markup schema.


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