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To improve your search engine rankings with Creative Digital Agency and appear on the first page of sites like Google, optimizing your SEO or search engine optimization is a winning strategy in the long run. Unlike paid referrals, SEA, SEO is a search engine optimization technique that ensures long-term website visibility.

Be authentic and create quality content 

If you want to be on the first page of search sites like Google, Yahoo or even Bing, apply simple content marketing principles. Mainly based on the creation of unique, original and quality content.

Thanks to this strategy, not only will you be recognized as an expert in your field by search engine robots, but you will also be able to attract more internet users. Creating quality content ensures the correct positioning of your site through natural referrals.

Do you Want to Optimise the Loading Speed of your Website?

Slow-loading websites are known to scare internet users and negatively affect the user experience. Furthermore, search engines can penalise this type of site, affecting its positioning and visibility.

One solution to improve the loading speed of web pages is to keep only the essential parts of the content while reducing clutter. You can also reduce the weight of your photos and host videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Are you Choosing your Keywords Appropriately?

One area of expertise in natural referencing is keyword selection. You should define your keyword strategy based on the top searches that internet users perform in your field. Therefore, your site’s content and structure should revolve around your chosen keywords.

Start with key keywords and their various variations that are directly related to your business. Then look for secondary keywords related to your theme. In other words, search for all the words that revolve around your content in the vocabulary field of your domain. Keyword research tools like Keywords Planner, Ubersuggest and Google Trends can be very helpful in this regard.

Pay Attention to the Title and Subtitle?

Just like your content, titles and subtitles require special attention. They will be the perfect hook to get the browser to click on your site, especially if your headline should be strong enough to entice people to learn more.

Title and meta description tags must contain a limited number of characters. They should be informed directly about their content. The goal is to optimise visibility by organising keywords and incentive verbs so that all content can be understood in a single reading.

Do you Want to Stand out on Social Networks?

The internet is an ever changing virtual world and your website needs constant updates to stay at the top of the list. Social networks are a great way to promote your business and get the attention of your target audience.

This strategy, called “social media optimization,” can pay off because the more interesting articles and photos you post on your network, the more likely someone will link to your site. No more waiting to open your company account or page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Never  Use Duplicate Content 

It’s hard to say, but publishing duplicate content means the death of the website all over the web. Search engines always prefer unique and original content, so this practice is directly detected by indexing robots.

As a penalty, sites that steal content from others are relegated to search engine backpages, we recommend creating one.

Do you Use Responsive Design?

More than ever, users browse the Internet from their smartphones. To meet this need, sites need to adapt their content and design to any screen. A responsive design strategy is the best way to do this.

This technique consists of adapting the website for all screen sizes, including computers, tablets and smartphones. The goal is to optimise the user experience by reducing page loading times and making navigation on mobile easier.

Does it Employ Netlinks and Backlinks?

The “netlink” strategy is ideal for increasing your visibility on the Internet. Basically, it’s about building links in your content that can link to reputable sites in that field. Links between sites can enhance the browsing experience for Internet users.

Conversely, you can ask us to insert a link that redirects you to a partner site. This strategy, called “backlinking”, allows Google to recognize you as a reference site in your field and optimize your SEO.

Do you Focus on Internal Networking?

While you can benefit from placing external links on your website, using internal links can be just as effective. Similar to netlinks and backlinks, one of your pages (or posts) should contain a link that redirects to another page on your site.

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