How Does CenturyPromise Ensure You Get What You Pay for With QR Codes?

Due to the increase in the number of counterfeit and fake products labeled as “CenturyPly,” the biggest manufacturer of plywood came up with a solution called the “Century Promise” app. Now every piece of plywood made under the brand name of CenturyPly has a unique QR code that tells the consumer various features about the product. This includes the following:

  • Name of the plywood sheet
  • The accurate length, width, and height of the sheet
  • The various technologies used in plywood sheet manufacturing (CenturyPly has many technologies that they incorporate into their products. This includes ViroKill technology, anti-bacterial and termite technology, boiling water-proofing, boiling water resistance, moisture resistance, flame resistance, and so on.
  • The date of manufacture of the plywood

CenturyPly, the India’s largest plywood manufacturer, developed this mobile application to check the legitimacy of the plywood sheets you purchase from any local retail business owner. The users of this smart mobile software app can benefit from several benefits. Customers may use it to enter their accounts quickly and securely, do tasks like scanning QR codes, and store certification documents in electronic form that can be viewed and retrieved at any point.

Anyone can learn to use the app in a breeze. The user interface is very simple, just like any other app that you have already used like any other app that you have already used. The app is decluttered; every option is clear, and it gives you an intuitive idea as to how to use the app.

How does the app work?

First, you need to create an account in the app. For that, you just need your email account. The sign-up process just takes a couple of minutes. Once you are in the app, you will find a QR code scanning icon. Click on the icon and scan the QR code on the plywood sheet. Alternatively, you can also upload the image of the QR code from your gallery or your smartphone’s storage to the app and then scan it.

After scanning the QR code, the app will fetch the data about the plywood sheet from the company’s servers. With this data, you can determine the quality, legitimacy, and features of the plywood sheet by yourself, without the assistance of the shop owner or salesperson.

What are the benefits of using the app?

The answer is very simple: you get quality assurance for the product. If you buy from any local business, then there is a possibility that the products are fake. This app helps you buy genuine plywood.

Imagine a scenario in which you used the so-called CenturyPly’s plywood sheets to create decor for your bathroom and soon discovered that they were not water-proof or water-resistant, that they were getting bloated, and that the hinges were rusting from within. This is because the plywood sheet you used merely makes the fake promise that it is water-proof or water-resistant.

It is important to address the issue of phony goods since it could mean the difference between life and death. Another scenario would be buying plywood sheets that have flame-resistant technology to make cabinet doors. You carry on with your everyday activities, believing that the high-grade fire-resistant wood won’t catch on fire, but you’ll soon find that the claims were false when it’s too late and your door catches on fire.

To sum things up,

You must never compromise on the quality aspect of the product. And if you are paying a premium amount for a premium product, then there is still no guarantee that the product has the said feature. Thus, the CenturyPromise App helps you buy only the best quality products. The app also generates an electronic certificate that gives you a warranty for the product. You can easily claim the warranty on any product from CenturyPly. Download the app now and check out the various features of the app.

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