Dress Ties for Men: Your Ultimate Style Guide

Fashion is never static, and that is what keeps this phenomenon fascinating. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the return of vintage ties, why they are so popular, how to own them, and, lastly, where to get dress ties for men. So, buckle up; it’s going to be an interesting (and detailed) ride. Let’s begin.

Fashion is an individualistic expression that’s unique for every walking person on this planet. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it; the subjective creativity people choose to express in their day-to-day lives. The mixing and matching of different colors, patterns, and accessories help complete our outfit for a particular day. What’s even interesting is that fashion has always enjoyed a dynamic position in our civilization, constantly changing through different eras.

We have come a long way in the evolution of fashion, from the 1920s’ classic suits to today’s fast fashion. But there is one trend that’s making a comeback. If you are reading this, you have probably guessed from the title of this article. Yes, we are talking about Vintage Ties. When it comes to classic suits, a tie is a fundamental clothing piece to complete a suit. 

Is Vintage the New Vogue?

Let’s get the cat out of the bad. Is vintage the new vogue? We certainly think so. It is high time we go back to our roots, and there is something about vintage apparel that connects with us. The elegance, sophistication, and charm of vintage pieces attract us, and there is no surprise to see them back in action.We see representations of vintage clothing in the media as well.

The release of the hit British series, “Peaky Blinders,” certainly helped to fuel this trend in the right direction. If you have always loved the idea of adopting vintage clothing into your outfits, it is high time for you to do so. Vintage is back, and we are yet to see the application of this trend in our times.

How Vintage Ties Continue to Inspire Today’s Fashion

Talking about Peaky Blinders (based on the aftermath of World War I), Tommy Shelby, the notorious protagonist of the hit series, was seen wearing a plethora of vintage three-piece suits. It is the perfect embodiment of 1920s fashion. But there was one thing that was common with all his outfits, and even the outfits of other characters in the series. Want to take a guess? Yes, we are referring to ties.Ties have always been the most common wearable accessory for men. Vintage ties, on the other hand, are the definition of grace, and if you are looking to enhance your suit, vintage ties might be the option you are overlooking. Let’s look at why vintage ties are making a strong comeback and why they matter.


Vintage ties are the epitome of sophistication. They not only define your outfits but elevate your personality and confidence. Ties may not look like an important accessory, but it is that subtle addendum that makes all the difference in an outfit.

Sartorial Elegance

Handcrafted pieces have that elegance that you want, especially if you are going for a vintage look. A classic suit with a handcrafted vintage tie will boost the value of your outfit, attracting eyes wherever you go. So, if you are going for a vintage outlook, don’t forget to get a vintage tie that defines heritage craftsmanship.


In our modern times, it’s hard to find garments that respect craftsmanship. Wearing vintage ties will not only make you stand apart from the gathering (in a good way) but also solidify your respect for the conservation of heritage craftsmanship.

New to Owning Vintage Ties? We’ve Got You.

We are accustomed to modern fashion, where everything is pop, synthetic, and industrialized. If you are a lover of classic vintage garments or someone who is discovering the vogue of vintage ties, you might not have the best idea of what to look for. Fortunately for you, we’ll get you up and running with how to own vintage ties and how to wear them properly.

Go for Quality

Quality is everything when you are trying to emulate a vintage outlook. You should always opt for vintage ties from brands that respect handcraftsmanship. 

Modernize Your Vintage Ties

The best thing about vintage ties is that you can always mix and match and experiment as you go. You can go for an all-vintage outlook, or you can mesh your vintage tie with a modern look, adding that subtlety to the outfit.

Know Your Personality

Remember, fashion is an individual expression. You should always wear a vintage tie you like and feel comfortable wearing it. Whether you are trying for groomsmen ties or looking to upgrade your collection, ensure that it matches your vibe and personality.

Where to Find the Best Tie Brands for Men?

This is an important question. Finding the best brand for vintage ties may be a hassle, but don’t worry. After careful and thorough research, we have found that Diroma1980 is perhaps the best brand for your vintage tie needs. They have an exciting collection of neckties, knitwear, braces, ties, and pocket squares that will surely make perfect suit-pairing options. From 7 fold ties to vintage classic ties in different colors and patterns, Diroma1980’s handcrafted collection is as premium-looking as it is attractive.

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