Depository Safes: A Comprehensive Guide

No matter the size of your business, it is an undeniable asset in securing your valuables and most important documents. Depository safes exist to provide a solution for businesses of any size to secure their valuable items without the need for someone to open it manually. In this guide, we will explore what a depository safe is, the different types available and the benefits of having one in your premises.


Depository safes are large safes that have been designed to protect the contents from theft and fire. They are highly secure and ideal for protecting cash, documents, jewellery and other valuable items. They provide all the security of a regular safe but, rather than having an electronic or manual lock, they have a deposit slot for the items to be placed in without having to open the safe itself. For businesses, these are a must-have item in order to protect the items that are constantly being deposited, such as cash from sales or important documents.

Types and Solutions

How large or small your business is, there are several types of depository safes that you can choose from to suit your needs. Here is a breakdown of the different types on the market, as well as the solutions for each.

1. Floor Model – These are the larger Safes and are designed to go upright on the ground. As they are larger, they can store and are ideal for larger businesses that deal with high-value items. With these types, there is an additional lock on the door, making them even more secure.

2. Wall Model – These are smaller and are designed to be mounted on the wall. The size of these makes them ideal for most business premises, as they are not too bulky or space consuming. The wall models have fewer security features than the larger safes, but they are still highly secure.

3. Under the Counter Model – These safes are designed to fit snugly under the counter, making them ideal for locations where space is a premium. These are ideal for small business premises and more secure than a wall-mounted safe, as they are more difficult to access and open.

4. Drop Slot Model – These models are designed for larger businesses and can store a large amount of money or documents in one go. These safes have an extra-large deposit slot, making them even more secure as it is difficult to access the contents.


Having a depository safe installed in your premises offers many benefits, from extra security to saving space. Here is a brief look at some of the benefits:

1. High-Security Protection – Depository safes make it impossible for someone to access the contents. This eliminates the risk of theft or burglary.

2. Easy to Use – The deposit slot makes it easy to place items into the safe without having to open it. This makes it ideal for businesses that have multiple people depositing money or documents.

3. Can Store Large Amounts – Depending on the size of the safe, you can store a large amount of money or documents in one go. This is ideal for businesses that deal with large amounts of cash or sensitive documents.

4. Saves Space – Floor and wall models of depository safes save space, as they doesn’t need to open to put items inside. This is ideal for businesses with limited space.

5. Cost-Effective – Having a depository safe installed is a cost-effective way to protect your business’s cash and documents.


1. What is a depository safe?

A depository safe is a large safe that has been designed to protect the contents from theft and fire. It has a deposit slot for items to be placed in without having to open the safe itself.

2. What types of depository safes are available?

There are several types of depository safes available, such as floor models, wall models, under the counter models and drop slot models.

3. What are the benefits of installing a depository safe?

The benefits of installing a depository safe are high security protection, easy to use, ability to store large amounts, space-saving and cost-efficacy.

4. Does a depository safe need a key?

No, a depository safe does not need a key to access the contents. They are designed to be opened via a deposit slot.

5. Is a depository safe fireproof?

Yes, depository safes are fireproof, making them ideal for storing important documents or cash.


Having a depository safe installed in your business premises is an essential part of protecting your valuable goods and documents. With so many different types of depository safes available, you can choose one that best meets your needs. From floor models to under-the-counter models, there is one to suit any size of business and budget. Plus, the added security of not needing to use a key to open the safe makes them even more secure. So if you want to ensure that your valuable items and documents are safe, investing in a depository safe is worth considering.

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