Best Zero Spread Forex Brokers in 2023

Trading costs in the financial markets are declining as the brokers compete in order to attract clients. In the process the brokers offer clients with low spreads or zero spreads. 

Such brokers as charge low are the priority of forex traders. Below we have focused on the best zero spread forex brokers in 2023. Traders can read and choose the suitable one. 

Best Forex Brokers

Many forex brokers offer their clients with zero spread trading accounts. The facility is to have low trading charges and offer traders with a low cost trading experience. 

It is often seen that traders fear the high fees of brokers so, here we have the best forex brokers with minimum costs of trading:


Tickmill is said to be the best overall low-cost forex broker in the market. It is a run-of-the-mill MetaTrader broker offering traders with a limited selection of tradable assets. 

The minimum deposit of the platform is $100 and the trust score is 82 out of 100. Traders can enjoy tradable symbols around 295. The broker was founded in 2014 and regulated by top notch authority. 

Spreads at the platform begin from 0.11 pips for EUR/USD on the Pro account. However, the all-in cost actually comes to 0.51 pips when considering the RT commission equivalent of 0.4 pips. 

CMC Markets

CMC markets is a well trusted and known forex broker in the market. It offers clients with excellent trading experience all thanks to its pricing and selection of 12000 trading instruments. 

The minimum deposit of the platform is $0 and it has a trustscore of 99. This makes the broker a trustworthy and reliable broker. 

The spreads at the broker are average. It offers competitive pricing that ranks above the industry average and has spreads of 0.73 pips on the EUR/USD currency pair. Thus, traders can enjoy a favourable trading environment at low cost. 

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Interactive Brokers

Founded in 1978, Interactive brokers is a New York based financial service provider. The broker operates in the largest electronic trading platform in the US market with good revenue trades. 

The initial deposit of the platform is $0 and its trustscore is 99. Being a safe and secure trading platform many traders prefer it for smooth trading experience. The spreads at the platform are competitive. 

The average spread for EUR/USD is 0.6 pips. So, traders can expect low costing with the platform. is a global CFD and forex broker. It offers clients with smooth user experience and has its own eQ, patented AI trade bias detection system. The system allows users to leverage the technology and engage in smart trading online. 

The minimum deposit of the platform is $20 and it has trustscore of 77 along with tradable assets around 6000. An average risk trading platform that provides clients an average spread EUR/USD of 0.6 pips. 

IC Markets

IC Markets is a secure forex trading platform. It is popular in the market for its competitive pricing and scalable execution of the trades. The excellent option for algorithmic trading also makes it worth trading. 

The minimum deposit at the platform is $200 and the trustscore of the platform is 86. Users can enjoy a range of trading assets around 3583 for successful trading. Spreads at IC markets vary as per the trading platform, account, and the IC market entity selected by the trader. 

Average spread at the platform for EUR/USD is 0.62 pips.


The article lists the best zero spread forex brokers in 2023. Traders can analyse each of the brokers and what spreads they charge for comfortable trading. Tickmill, CMC markets, Interactive brokers, and IC Markets all five are the best in the market. 

They have low spreads with each one having a different starting spread pips. To know each of these in detail and have a complete detail check out the complete article. Besides, to get into deep details of the brokers traders can also visit the official website pages.

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