Understanding the Types of Medical Insurance Plans Available

Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a loved one, and it is even worse when it occurs because you were unable to pay for their care. We only think of our close friends and family during stressful situations, right? You’ve probably all heard it and perhaps even experienced it multiple times in your lives.

In India, health insurance plans are more helpful than anything else because of the rising expense of healthcare services. To meet your needs, a range of insurance packages are available. Let’s discuss various types of health insurance plans available in India.

  1. Individual Health Insurance

You can get individual health insurance for each family member, including your spouse, children and parents. This type of insurance policy covers your medical expenses for things like surgery, housing and meals, daycare fees, and hospitalization due to illness or accident. Having a specific sum insured for each covered person is a benefit of having an individual policy.

  1. Family Health Insurance Floater

This health insurance policy provides coverage for the entire family under a single sum insured. This means that the total sum insured is available to any member of the family who needs medical treatment, up to the policy limit. Therefore, this plan might be more affordable than an individual health plan.

  1. Group Health Insurance 

A group of coworkers is the intended market for a group’s health insurance coverage. You should buy these plans for your staff if you have a business. As an employer, you can buy the cover to boost employee retention and create a positive and safe working environment for every team member. 

The premium of the group health insurance plan is reasonable. In the event of an accident, illness, major disease, psychiatric condition, pregnancy, or other occurrence, a group health insurance plan can cover the cost of your hospitalization.

  1. Health Insurance for Seniors

A health insurance plan designed exclusively for seniors over 60 is called the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan. If your grandparents or parents are over 60, this is the best medical insurance policy. Prescription drugs, hospitalization costs due to disease or injury, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses and therapy are all covered under senior citizen coverage. 

  1. Health Insurance for Mothers

A maternity cover is an add-on that may be acquired along with the basic health insurance plan. Pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum expenses are all fully covered under this medical insurance plan. 

Families expecting a child soon or newlywed couples should purchase this coverage. The first 90 days of a newborn’s care are free of charge, as are the expenses related to infertility, labor (including medically required abortions), and delivery.

Health Insurance is Important

Health insurance provides financial stability by providing access to appropriate medication, health care, and life protection. In addition, it can help with any medical costs or issues by balancing them. The yearly open enrollment season is your greatest chance to get comprehensive health insurance for a fair price.

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