5 Unique Cybersecurity Challenges That Small Businesses Face in 2023

SMEs are cyber attackers’ favourite targets. Why? The surge in online shopping, sharing and accessing their sensitive business data through emails, and actively using online payment gateways and portals to make payments are some of the primary reasons that put small businesses on the radar of cybercriminals. If you are also practicing these steps, unknown of the threats it brings along, you are an easy, soft, and profitable target for cyber attackers.   

Hackers know that new enterprises, start-ups, and small/ mid-sized companies are generally less cautious about their cybersecurity posture as they constantly work for corporate growth. And putting your business’s security in the back seat puts you on the front burner for dreadful security breaches, as bad actors can easily exploit your carelessness and profit from it.   

Now that you know the reasons let’s move to the top challenges that small business face in cybersecurity. Later in the blog, we will also discuss how you can mitigate these challenges, acquire a fail-proof security posture, and move ahead with confidence.    

#1 An Increased Cost of Handling IT Team

Robust security calls for a full-fledged, adept IT team. For enterprises that handle security in-house, it’s tough to manage the increased cost spent on hiring, space, and technology. Mainly start-ups have limited human and capital resources to utilize for security. Also, to mitigate security concerns related to applications and the cloud, they need industry experts within their team, which is almost impossible with their budgets. In a nutshell, small businesses must protect their apps and cloud security since they have become an increasingly common attack vector and much more vulnerable.   

#2 Tough Security Environment Management   

Enterprises often can’t observe their security infrastructure without tools/equipment to monitor their security 24*7 throughout the year. This gap in the need for active monitoring and inability to monitor due to a lack of resources can put security infrastructure in a vulnerable state. Thus, it remains one of the top challenges start-ups face today. 

#3 Lacking the Right Tools & Resources  

Companies generally don’t have advanced security tools to combat evolving threats. Hence, they can’t mitigate known/ unknown threats in real-time or prevent future re-occurring of the detected incidents.  

Advanced security management solutions utilize the right tools and technologies, such as a web application firewall, managed EDR solutions, and AI-based threat intelligence to identify breaches and mitigate risks to keep you cyber-ready.  

#4 Digital Limitations  

Efficient digital adaptability can help start-ups utilize cloud computing and storage properly. However, several small businesses operate offline and aren’t well-acquainted with digital adaptability and its benefits. This digital limitation acts as a hindrance for such SMEs and doesn’t let them have the security that they need.   

One solution can be seeking cloud-based security service providers, such as Ace Cloud Hosting. They provide a constant, scalable solution with much lesser upfront costs. With managed SIEM solutions, you can even store, view, and manage your data and maintain high-security standards, keeping your business networks safe from modern-day hackers. Make sure that along with detection and response, security solutions should also be dynamically adaptable and offer multi-level security to your security infrastructure.  

#5 Vulnerable Security Infrastructure   

It is probably the most-dreadful challenge that businesses face today, and they sometimes don’t even know it. Companies that regularly conduct proper vulnerability and penetration testing know their security infrastructure’s shape and can take action to fix/improve it. Managed security service providers like Ace Cloud Hosting perform in-depth routine vulnerability assessments for your business! 

Managed Security – The Answer to All the Challenges?  

Having a separate solution to each challenge can be cumbersome and seems impossible. You could tackle all the challenges at the same time if you had professionally managed security services. MSSPs like Ace Cloud Hosting offer a robust application security infrastructure with a multi-layered security suit with managed SIEM services, Managed EDR, Managed Email Security, and much more specially designed to protect your sensitive business data. Hence, today it’s critical more than ever to hire a managed security provider to off-load your cybersecurity woes to them and protect your business from all types of cyber threats, including APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). 

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