Why SMS Marketing Is Crucial for Brands Right Now

SMS will always be a powerful tool for communicating with clients in a tailored fashion at a comparatively low cost. The key benefits of SMS marketing were outlined in our earlier article, which also included suggestions for creating an effective marketing plan. However, because it was published a few years ago, we wanted to make sure it was still a viable strategy for interacting with clients. 

Several SMS marketing stats 

Simply said, SMS marketing happens when companies send text messages to clients who have opted in. Campaigns, promotions, news, order confirmation, business updates, or customer assistance are all included.

Marketing metrics for SMS 

SMS marketing is a fantastic way to deepen connections with your clients, but there are a few considerations that must be made in order to be successful. You must choose what to share and how often you send it because this is a more intimate route than email. You risk losing some of your clients if you use this channel excessively. On the other side, if you know how to use this marketing tactic, you may use it to increase brand loyalty. 

The most crucial KPIs are compared between SMS Gateway and email marketing. 

Among the most often used marketing campaign techniques are SMS marketing and email marketing. The same measurements can be used to measure their performance, yet they each produce quite different outcomes. So let’s examine this contrast in more detail, concentrating on what may be assessed using these methods.

Average CTR: Facebook, first in SERPs, email marketing, and SMS marketing 

rate of open 

SMS is typically more successful than emails. With emails only accounting for 20% of their 98% open rate. Because receivers are immediately alerted and text messages often have a higher probability of being read, SMS marketing is a more direct way to reach clients. Additionally, email open rates average about 90 minutes, but SMS Gateway are often opened within 90 seconds of transmission. 

The click-through rate for SMS marketing is also 9,8% greater than that of any other digital communication medium. This is due to the fact that SMS texts are easier to read and have a click-through rate of about 19%. Only 3.2% of recipients of marketing emails actually open the links in them.

Rate of click throughs 

The click-through rate for SMS marketing is also 9,8% greater than that of any other digital communication medium. This is due to the fact that SMS texts are easier to read and have a click-through rate of about 19%. Because a marketing email is lengthy and they lose interest halfway through, just 3,2% of recipients open the links in it. 


Compared to roughly 85% of emails, less than 3% of SMS messages are deemed spam since SMS marketing needs express opt-in. 

An average individual receives about 67 messages each day, while over 22 billion SMS are transmitted every day. Unlike email alerts, users receive text notifications on their phones immediately. Although SMS marketing can seem like the obvious choice, customers must agree to hear from your business. Marketers may reward consumers with discounts when they opt-in, with the goal of growing the brand’s mobile audience. 


SMS marketing initiatives are less common, which increases your probability of being seen in your audience’s message inboxes. Email is a marketing channel that is overused. For instance, 121 emails are sent and received daily by the typical office worker.


Compared to emails, consumers are 4.5% more likely to reply to brand SMS gateway messages. This is due to the fact that the typical individual responds to a text message in 90 seconds and an email in roughly 90 minutes. 


Depending on your provider, list size, send frequency, and extra services, email marketing expenses might vary greatly. Without the proper methodology, SMS advertising might end up costing more than email campaigns or any other marketing tactic. All text messages are sent through cell phone providers, who impose high rates and raise prices. However, one of the most economical methods to reach a large audience at once with your message.

When calculating return on investment (ROI), it’s crucial to increase customer lifetime value (CLV) through SMS marketing. By dividing marketing expenses by the total number of consumers obtained, one may determine the cost per acquisition of a client. 

Because it has a low delivery cost and a big potential audience, email marketing often offers a high return on investment. Despite the possibility that many emails may be overlooked or disregarded, this strategy is affordable for the clients. The duration of an email subscription may be used to calculate the lifetime value of a subscriber.

SMS advertising 

Contrarily, SMS marketing enables businesses to text their offers to clients who have opted in. SMS is the most engaging channel since it encourages consumer and brand connection. The length of time a client has been a subscriber to the SMS campaign is used to determine the lifetime value of an SMS user. 

The longevity of the client is the underlying factor in estimating customer lifetime value. By adding a few strategies to your SMS marketing campaign, you may raise CLV. 


Personalization is elevated to a whole new level through SMS marketing. In addition to including the customer’s name in the customised message, businesses may also conduct surveys to learn more about their preferences and enhance personalisation.

SMS enables you to start discussions in order to maximise CLV. According to Yotpo, 89% of consumers would like to text with their preferred brand. This improves the client experience and makes it possible to provide and receive advice in the present. 

Optimizing the flow 

SMS is a fantastic tool for streamlining corporate operations. For instance, sending another reminder might not be useful if some customers don’t frequently check their email inbox. You may use SMS to send a follow-up message to someone who did not open an earlier email. Text messaging should be included into your flow if you want to encourage repeat sales.

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