Why do Indians prefer liver transplants to other parts of the world?

Do you ever wonder why individuals choose India for liver transplants rather than any other country? We have covered all the factors that influence people to select India over other nations for a liver transplant below. The fact that India is quickly becoming a global centre for medical tourism has made it possible for several Indian hospitals to start accepting patients from all over the world. Indian hospitals are seizing the chance to offer the best healthcare to those in need. The Indian government has also developed policies that would help Indian hospitals succeed in the lucrative medical tourism market.

Hospitals in India are on par with those in industrialised nations in terms of quality. Hospitals in poor nations are continually expanding in order to compete with those in rich nations. An Indian hospital can provide the specialised facilities necessary for a liver transplant, which is in itself an extremely complicated procedure.

Affordability: India is well known for its affordable medical tourism. The status of the Indian rupee in the international market is the main factor behind India’s low cost of healthcare. The future of liver transplants in India has been altered by this. The top liver transplant hospitals and facilities are less expensive than any liver transplant hospital in other wealthy nations.

The most recent technological advancements and their application: Indian hospitals have their own research facilities and centres that are continually trying to improve human life. India’s hospitals are also doing liver transplants utilising the most advanced medical technology. They also have no qualms about attempting to use the most recent advancement in liver transplantation.

Indian physicians: Patients from affluent nations like the US, UK, etc. have a high regard for doctors from India. They are regarded as among the best in the world, and they also meet patients’ expectations. Some medical professionals have performed more than 500 liver transplant operations. We’ve also included a list of some of the best hepatologists in India, including those in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

Costs of liver transplants in various countries are compared:

The same is true for liver transplants because India is one of the most accessible countries for economical healthcare options, as is widely known. Simply said, India is the industry leader in providing accessible healthcare solutions.

These are only ballpark figures that may alter depending on the case’s complexity and the facility you select. As you can see, the price of a liver transplant varies significantly.

The cost of a liver transplant at certain government institutions in India ranges from 3 to 5 lakh Indian rupees. Government hospitals are doing a good job of serving the public alongside commercial hospitals in India that are establishing their mark in the liver transplant industry.

Government hospitals have created an additional support system for foreign liver transplant patients who are in need of financial assistance. The best liver transplant hospitals in India are listed below.

What should a patient, local or international, do prior to receiving a liver transplant in India?

It is now quite simple for overseas patients to receive medical care in India. You must have a visa invitation letter from your hospital, which you must present to the Indian high commission office to apply for a visa. They’ll grant you a medical visa.

However, the situation is different for liver transplant patients because a liver donor may occasionally be required. Therefore, before travelling to India, you must first be certain of the compatibility of the donor and donor. If the donor is not a close family, you must obtain approval from the Indian organ transfer authorities before transferring organs to Indian patients. You must get the close relative of the donor’s consent if they have a sickness.

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