Which is better PRINCE2 or ITIL?

Project management is a profession that is gaining popularity today. A project manager helps in managing various activities and projects. Many organizations hire project managers to lead the design and construction of their projects. When a project manager takes on this position, he or she must get a certificate called Prince 2. You should understand that Prince 2 certification requires you to attend several workshops, courses, and seminars.

You will learn about project management, communication skills, human resources management, and much more. A project manager must learn how to effectively communicate with different groups within the organization. In order to achieve this, you should practice some of the communication techniques. After you have learned Prince2 practitioners the techniques of effective communication, you can apply them in your everyday conversations.

You will also learn about how to properly manage human resources, how to organize your work schedule, and how to ensure the delivery of the project in time and on budget. To obtain Prince 2 certification, you must have at least four years of experience as a project manager. However, if you have less than four years’ experience as a project manager, you can still take the Prince 2 exam. This exam consists of 80 questions that will test your knowledge on various topics related to project management.

Many people believe that PMP certification is better than Prince 2.

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