Which is Better for Gaming Laptops?

8GB RAM versus 12GB RAM is an important contrast since the amount of RAM influences how well or poorly your laptop or tablet operates and helps increase both storage speed and processing. However, this does not imply that you may gain more benefits by purchasing more RAM; buying more RAM than you require will just cost you time and money.

So, which should you choose between cheap laptops for sale with 12GB RAM and one with 8GB RAM? In this comparison guide, we’ll compare the two RAMs to better comprehend their respective objectives.

  1. RAM Speed: There is considerable disagreement about whether 8GB or 12GB of RAM is preferable for speed. Some argue that 8GB is plenty for most workloads, while others argue that 12GB delivers a substantial performance boost. Overall, the laptop with 12GB of RAM performed better in all tasks we evaluated. The change was slight in some cases but large in others.
  1. Memory Bandwidth: Most users are satisfied with 8GB of memory. It can run numerous programs at the same time without any problems. If you’re a heavy user or do a lot of graphic design or video editing, you may require more than 8GB.

12GB of memory provides higher bandwidth and can handle more applications at the same time. This makes it an excellent alternative for power users and those who work with large files. However, having 12GB of memory is only sometimes necessary, and upgrading might be costly.

Difference based on Application

  1. Gaming: Whether 8GB or 12GB of RAM is better for gaming has yet to be settled. Some individuals swear by 8GB, believing it is plenty for gaming and other chores, while others believe that 12GB is the new norm, providing greater headroom for gaming and other tasks. What games you play and how you play them are important considerations when evaluating if you need more than 8GB of RAM. If you primarily play older, less memory-intensive games, 8GB should be plenty. However, if you want to play the latest games on high settings, you may require more than 8GB.
  2. Photo and Video Editing: Consider how much time you spend on your computer. If you’re only performing basic editing, 8GB is sufficient. However, you’ll require additional RAM if you’re dealing with large files or performing more intricate adjustments. Consider how you utilize your computer as well. If you just use one application at a time, 8GB should be sufficient.
  3. Multi-tasking: Most folks will be fine with 8GB of RAM. It (8GB RAM) can handle most multitasking requirements while allowing other apps to run in the background. If you perform a lot of multimedia editing or gaming, you may want more than 8GB of RAM.

Most people will find 12GB of RAM excessive, but it might be a terrific alternative if you know you need the extra capability. If you routinely run many apps at once or do a lot of heavy-duty work, 12GB of RAM may be enough.

  1. Animations:  8GB is insufficient for running 3D modelling software because these programs require a substantial amount of capacity to execute. If you don’t have enough RAM, you’ll face lagging and other issues running high-quality interior design software (16GB or more). However, if you only need to make simple 2D animations or typographies, 12GB should suffice. You will, however, have to deal with lag issues, and your PC may not function effectively.
  2. Streaming Shows: If you only use your laptop or computer to view movies, play odd games, and read books, 8GB is plenty. You won’t have any issues streaming live videos on social media, and it’s also suitable for VR entertainment, such as songs, cartoons, 3D movies, etc. You won’t require more than 8GB, regardless of the channel or the source of amusement.


If you’re considering an 8GB RAM best cheap laptop, or a 12GB RAM laptop, consider your usage before making a final decision. To summarize, 8GB of RAM is sufficient for the average user. It can readily handle most jobs while remaining a low-cost solution. If you are a heavy user or perform a lot of graphics or video editing, you should consider upgrading to 12GB of RAM in your cheap laptops UK.

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