When should you Consider Private Yoga Sessions Near Me?

Lots of people consider how frequently they should take a yoga class every week. The answer will depend on factors like current fitness, age and budget and if you plan to incorporate any other forms of exercise. This article will examine all of these things in order to help you work out the ideal frequency to do yoga each week. It will also factor in if private yoga sessions near me might be the best way to help you achieve your health goals. Finding good quality yoga near me can motivate you to reach new levels in your wellness journey.

Does my fitness level matter?

Whilst age will influence your natural levels of energy, everyone is different and faces a variety of healthcare challenges.  A 20 year old might like to undertake four sessions a week, whereas a 70 year old may find the one class each week is enough. Our vitality naturally drops off as we age, but keeping the body active and strong through movement based training is a proven way to lengthen and increase our mental and physical wellbeing. It is vital, however, to achieve the balance between being sufficiently active to enhance our energy, but not to go so far as to deplete it and risk injury or burn out.

Listening to the innate wisdom of our bodies is the skill of a lifetime and cultivating it is a valuable task.  Be aware that our ego can frequently get in the way and result in us pushing boundaries further than is sensible, taking us down a path of fatigue. Getting to understand the signs of when your body has had enough are vital, especially as we age and more nourishing ways of exercising can be far more helpful.

Building up strength overtime

Your existing fitness condition is another aspect to be considered when planning a new exercise regime. If you haven’t been active for a number of years, don’t jump into a High Intensity Training (HIIT) session as your first foray back at the gym! It could result in injury and also leave you deflated that you couldn’t keep up with the majority of the class. A high level of enthusiasm is great, but temper it with a good dose of reality and respect for your body and its current level of ability.

Injuring yourself in the first few days, or weeks, of starting could take you out for a long period of time and really dampen your spirit, as well as put you in a lot of pain. Instead, be reasonable with your goals and even ask the advice of a professional to help draw up a schedule that will increase your strength safely and up the frequency as you become ready.

Balance is the key

Do you plan to incorporate any other types of exercise besides yoga? This may be weights, Zumba or swimming for example. A well thought out and varied workout programme will deliver a balanced result. Try out new things, this can be easy if you join a gym where a multitude of activities are included within the monthly membership. It can be an easy and affordable way to sample a wide range of different activities that get you moving in new ways. If the social side is important to you, joining a larger gym may also offer the possibility of making new connections with like-minded people. Regular faces will probably show up at weekly classes and it can be an easy way to introduce yourself to another friendship group. A café may even be attached to the gym, making an after class coffee a great way to get to know others.

What if I don’t like the gym?

Gyms aren’t for everyone, a lot of people are not keen on the environment or potentially large numbers of people there. This is totally fine and there’s nothing wrong with wanting an alternative. If this is you, consider trying out a yoga studio instead. Most are smaller than conventional gyms and focus on yoga and related activities, like Pilates or meditation. The timetable will cater for all levels of experience and there will be a range of different styles throughout the week to try.

There will typically be several teachers that take the various classes and you will likely find that you enjoy some classes and styles more than others. Half the fun is being adventurous enough to try them out! So enter with an open mind and know that you don’t have to return if you really didn’t get on with it. Group classes will be the usual format, but most studios will also offer one to one tuition if you feel like you need focused attention to help you get started or increase your level of fitness or confidence.

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