What Will Happen If My NDIS Plan Expires?

The NDIS indicates that plans are only valid for a year. Afterwards, participants must get extensions or reviews for the next year. In addition, the funding balances cannot be carried forward to the next year, and this confuses most people receiving support. Therefore, all participants must understand the necessary steps to take before the expiry of their NDIS plan. This knowledge also allows them to fully utilise their funding before the year ends. If you are worried about what happens after your NDIS plan expires, here are some details to consider.

How Long Will an NDIS Plan Last?

NDIS plans are subject to annual reviews, and you must review your plans during this time. After the Covid-19 pandemic, NDIS allowed participants to have plans for three years consecutively. A longer plan is beneficial for participants who are unlikely to review their needs.

Therefore, you can manage your daily activities knowing you will review your plan a few years ahead. The three-year plan for the NDIS is perfect for you if;

  • Your situation stabilises and you are unlikely to change the support you need.
  • You are confident that NDIS funding will help you achieve individual goals.
  • You want to achieve long-term goals by working or actively participating in communities.

If your NDIS plan does not fall within the criteria, you will review your plan after 12 months.

What Happens When My NDIS Plan Expires?

The NDIA will contact you a few weeks before your plan expires. The agency will inform you about plan reviews and if there are any changes to make. Through this meeting, you can assess your current plan and goals and how you want to improve in future. Ultimately, you will decide whether to adjust your plan and goals when applying for NDIS funding.

When renewing your plan, there are two main factors to consider.

1. Plan Extension

When you extend your NDIS plan, you are carrying the current plan into the following year. Therefore, contact the NDIS and request that your existing plan applies to the next year’s plan after expiry.

2. Plan Reassessment

If the current plan has shortcomings that you want to improve, consider plan reassessment. This process includes a complete review of the plan to include extra support services to help you achieve personal goals. The NDIS officials will also engage with you to ensure you get a befitting plan.

What Should I do Before My NDIS Plan Expires?

  • Analyse your plan to determine if it is serving you or if you would like to make changes.
  • Take note of areas you need to change and why you want to re-adjust your plan.
  • Contact a support coordinator to guide you on the right steps to follow during reassessment.
  • Use the remaining funds before applying for NDIS because they will not carry forward to the next year.

Will I Get Support After My Plan Expires Before Renewal?

Although the NDIS will contact you weeks before your plan reviews, there could be a gap in-between your plans. If your plan expires and the NDIS has not renewed your plan, you will still receive support. Providers will still deliver services before your next plan starts. Therefore, a gap between your plans should be fine since the NDIS will still support you.

NDIS plans expire after 12 months, and there is no reason to worry if your plan is approaching this date. The NDIS will discuss ways to extend or reassess your plan for the incoming year. However, contact a support coordinator for guidance if you need a complete plan review.

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