What is a Zoomee?

Zoomer is an informal term used to refer to members of Generation Z. While often used with derision or irony, it can also be used as a form of praise or compliment.

Zoomee pump features two modes: Massage mode and Expression mode, each offering unique suction levels for stimulating different types of letdown.

Works with all Sony FX6 and FX9 Cameras

Sony’s FX6 and FX9 cinema cameras are Sony’s inaugural full-frame cinema cameras to feature traditional camera shapes, making gimbal mounting easier.

Both the FX6 and FX9 cameras feature excellent low light sensitivity that makes them popular with event videographers, yet can also serve narrative storytellers well.

Both FX6 and FX9 cameras feature touch screens for navigating menus, making them simple for directors to use. But there are still ways that can make these cameras even more user-friendly.

Compatible with all Zoomee Camera Mounts

Innovative designs, advanced materials and made-in-USA quality come together in our ball joint camera and smartphone mounts. Multiple mounting locations with our exclusive ball joints allow you to precisely position your camera or smartphone wherever it should be placed; large base plates ensure secure locking mechanisms keep everything safely locked down into place.

Zoom Servo Drive incorporates a control unit which adheres to LANC protocol, supporting Sony FX6/FX9 series cameras as well as any cameras equipped with multi-function handles and handgrips. Control commands from handgrip are immediately transmitted back through to camera via LANC protocol for processing before being passed directly on to Zoom Servo Drive for use as zoom rocker and/or other freely selectable functions (camera menu, user buttons or focus magnification).

Furthermore, the universal zoom servo drive can also be used with cameras that include an integrated start/stop function in their power connector (such as the Arri Amira). Zoom rocker control commands and associated control signals are transferred using this universal zoom servo drive via its LANC protocol.

Compatible with all Zoomee Accessories

Pumping moms often experience a decline in suction power over time due to damaged or worn out pump parts. This replacement breast shield kit contains all of the essential pieces necessary for optimal pumping performance.

Make the most of your efforts to store milk for later with our hands-free collection cups that allow you to collect milk hands-free without losing any of its value. Our soft silicone collection cups are comfortable, leak-proof and easy to assemble or clean!

This wide-to-narrow neck bottle adapter allows you to use Zomee pumps with various narrow neck bottles, while remaining BPA and phthalate-free and dishwasher safe – an ideal option for hand pumping on-the-go or stimulating milk letdown, especially when time is of the essence.


Zoomee is an advanced fitness and communication platform, employing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), motion tracking (MT), and highly flexible support for multiple devices – perfect for busy users on the move! Zoomee provides a holistic experience suitable for fitness training as well as communication among participants in group classes or workouts.

This platform transforms how people connect, offering high-definition video and audio for an engaging experience. With productivity tools and file sharing capabilities that enhance collaboration and productivity, making it ideal for professional meetings or online education courses. Users also have access to record their meetings or sessions for later viewing if they cannot attend in person.

Requires a compatible mobile device and stable internet connectivity; must be capable of uploading files using SFTp to customer cloud drives; must perform daily upload checks according to customer-agreed schedule; daily summary/transaction report delivery to customers as well as knowing when Zoomee will check for documents/notices to upload via SFTp; daily report delivery via Zoomee to customers with summary and transactions reports available as well as understanding when Zoomee will check for new files/notices to upload through SFTP/SFTP; delivers daily summaries/transaction reports as well as daily transaction reports that summarize/notices arrive for upload via SFTTP/SFTP to be uploaded by Zoomee and ensures reliability on its part, while providing reports as per agreed agreed schedule, along with an understanding as to when Zoomee will check for documents/notices that need uploads will provide daily summary/transaction reports delivery as well as general understanding as to when Zoomee will check for new documents/notices to upload via SFTTP/SFTP etc.

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