What are the subjects in commerce class 11?

After class 10th, what next? More specifically, which stream or subject is best? This is probably one of the topmost questions plaguing the miles of many students. Life after class 10th kick-starts your career journey. And the choice you make will determine how your career life plays out. That is why it is very important to carry out due diligence before making decisions. 

Commerce is one of the most favourable career choices across the globe. It offers a wide range of career options that can land anyone into financial stability. If you are good with numbers, dealing with data, and exploring the world of trade, finance and economics, then you are good to go. These and more are commerce subjects that you will have to go into as you proceed to class 11. This article will explore more on these core subjects including the elective courses. This will make you get familiar with subjects you will be diving in. 

What is commerce

Commerce is the study of business activities, trade or anything that entails exchanging of goods and services from the suppliers to the final consumer. It examines transactions that are carried out from the local to the national and international level. It analyses business, marketing, globalisation and how it can affect trade. 

What are the subject in commerce in class 11

While there are elective and optional courses, we will go through the compulsory courses outlined in the CBSE syllabus. They include:


Accountancy entails analysing, processing, measuring, and recording of financial information of a business. This subject will take you through both the numeral and theoretical aspects of accounting. While the theoretical aspects deals with the methodologies and framework used in the study and application of financial principles. The numerical aspects deal with the practical application that helps solve financial problems accurately and quickly. 

The study in class 11 and 12 will provide you insight into the various concepts and principles of accounting. Topics you will have to study include:

Accounting processes

Financial accounting

Computers in Accounting

Financial Statement and Analysis

Accounting for Partnerships, NGO’s, Companies and Firms

Accounting Process

Business studies

This deals with the study of business principles, management and economics. It’s field that combines interrelated subject that spans across accounting, finance, organisational studies, human resources management and marketing. 

This study will help students understand the basic and varied principles and practises of business including their relationship in the society. Topics to study include:

Internal trade

Business Finance and Marketing 

Evolution and Fundamentals of Business

Emerging Modes of Business

Principles and Functions of Management


Economics is the study of scarcity, how people make use of resources and the production, distribution and consumption of goods and resources and overall well-being. It is concerned about money and wealth transfer but it goes beyond that. That is why economics can be micro or macro. Micro economics studies basic elements and decisions of individuals. Whereas macro economics analyses the entire economy whether at national or international level. 

This study will provide students understanding of how economics operates both at micro and macro level. Some of the topics to study entails: 

Introductory Microeconomics 

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Difference Between Micro and Macro Economics

Indian Economic Development 


Whether you are in science, arts or commerce, this is one subject you can do without. English is considered a global language and hence, a great English language skills is crucial for a successful career. English is an academic discipline that includes the study of English literature, linguistics, and sociolinguistics.   

For class 11th and 12th, students get to learn:




Listening skills

Elective subjects for commerce in class 11

Aside these compulsory subjects, there are elective courses that students have to study. While the compulsory ones are 4 subjects, you are required to select 1 or 2 more subjects depending on the school policy. Here are some of the elective subjects required in commerce stream:


Mathematics is one of the staple courses right from the beginning of school life but it’s a primary optional subject for commerce in class 11. For this, you will learn algebra, statistics, calculus, Relations and Functions, linear programming, among others. 

Information practices

This course focuses on information science application and data science. You get to learn computer systems, coding and device application. 

Computer science

Computer science covers various courses like data management, programming languages, computer applications, to name a few. 

Physical education

This teaches students about different sports,  fitness activities including trends emerging in physical education. 

Fine art

This is for students who want to put their art creativity to good use. It could be painting, sculpture, graphic design, interior design and many more. 

Final words As you proceed to class 11, which of these commerce and finance courses do you find easy? Share below.

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