What Are the Different Grades of Plywood From CenturyPly?

The market today for each and every commodity is endowed with a number of choices. This wide availability of choices has created a tirade in the minds of people as their arena of selection has become diversified. Companies offer alternatives, all of which seem to be highly desirable to consumers. This leads the consumer to be confused as to what to buy and what to leave and they subsequently end up buying even commodities that they may not require.

Following a similar strategy and, at the same time, providing its customers with ample prime-time quality products, CenturyPly has successfully set a mark for itself. The brand offers various plywood sheets to adhere to the needs and comfort of its consumer base.

All of its plywood is characterized by various elements that make them our priority option when there is a plywood purchase to be made. Some of these elements are:

1. Firewall Technology:

This technology is a wonderful creation of the experts at CenturyPly. It minimizes the speed at which a fire spreads through the plywood. The chemical composition of the plywood is mainly responsible for it. It provides people with ample time to take quick actions for protection in case of sudden emergency situations.

2. Cost Effective:

One might expect these high-end products to be expensive and way out of their budget. However, this is not the case. Almost all CenturyPly products are highly affordable enabling a large section of society to go for them to cater to their plywood needs.

This model is designed keeping in mind the income and expenditure level and capacity of the general masses. CenturyPly aims to spread its consumer reach. They believe that the way to make money is not just by burning a hole in people’s pockets but to make their way through their hearts by providing a standard product at a reasonably cheap rate. 

3. Water-Resistant:

CenturyPly plywood is also water-resistant. Along with being fire-resistant, another amazing quality possessed by these plies is their water-resistant nature. They do not suffer any damage or defect when exposed to water or moisture for a long period of time.

They are also famously known as BWP Plywood or the Boiling Water Proof Plywood. The boiling word here does not, however, imply the temperature of the water. The water of all temperatures and nature is in no way effective to this plywood.

CenturyPly Sainik Plywood Grades

Apart from the above, there are various other qualities that justify CenturyPly’s brand image, goodwill, and popularity in the market which have resulted in a wide consumer base. Not only the sheet of plywood is endowed with these attributes but they are also segregated on the basis of a grading system.

There are various Plywood Grades available. Plywood Grading is a system wherein the plywood is graded on the basis of its quality as well as the appearance of the plywood’s front and back veneer. There are basically two major grades assigned to these sheets, namely BWP and MR plywood. All these grades indicate different qualities or standards of the plywood.

1. Boiling Water Proof Plywood:

It is a grade of plywood that forms the character of the Sainik 710 plywood category in CenturyPly’s plywood collection. This enables the plywood to be waterproof. It is highly effective for places with intense water usage like the kitchen and the bathroom of your home and workplace.

It prevents the plywood from undergoing any damage in case of prolonged exposure to water. This is what makes the plywood free of any bugs like termites and many more than prove to be detrimental to the life cycle of the plywood. It hinders its longevity and leads the consumer to spend more on either its repair, renovation, or replacement.

2. Moisture Resistant Plywood:

This is another grade category assigned by CenturyPly to most of its plywood sheets. In the case of this grading system, the plywood is marked as moisture resistant because they have good resistance against normal temporal humidity, moisture, and temperature variations.

These are deemed to be perfect for commercial use and hence are also termed Commercial Plywood. However, they should be kept at a distance from intentional exposition to water. This plywood is best known for its strength, durability, and affordable nature. CenturyPly also offers two subs-categorized grading in the case of MR Grade. They are namely:

a. Win MR:

Manufactured of imported seasoned hardwood making it a unique and durable choice complementing affordability.

b.   Sainik MR:

This is an extremely functional and reliable commercial plywood. Even though termed as commercial they are best suited to cater to our housing plywood needs. It is bend-resistant, borer and termite-proof, and dimensionally stable, unaffected by changes in the weather.

Thus, these are the various grades of plywood offered by CenturyPly. One must conduct a detailed study before buying the option best suited to their requirements.

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