What are some examples of mental illness in children? 

This blog will discuss some problems and their solutions that trigger your kid’s mental/emotional health and explore the signs of mental illness. 

Lastly, you will learn how to bring your child out of the dark with valley pediatrics.   

Mental health disorders: signs, causes, and treatment.

When a child’s behavior is not normal, we as parents end up the conversation by saying: “our kid is suffering from depression” Indeed, depression is one of the common cases of mental health, but that doesn’t mean whenever your little one feels off, they are in depression. Therefore, please read the following words to learn about other children’s mental health conditions and their treatments.

Attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder: 

These are common neurodevelopmental disorders. This problem acts differently in boys and girls. Girls become oversensitive in this condition, while boys become more aggressive. However, initial symptoms are the same in both like:


  • You need to pay proper attention.
  • Unable to control impulsive behavior.
  • Become overactive.


 This condition is controlled by behavioral therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medication: methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine, dexamphetamine, and atomoxetine.


There are different forms of anxiety disorder found in adolescents, such as panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, GAD, social anxiety disorder (most common), and Specific phobia.


  • Trouble sleeping
  • Headaches.
  • Become angry.
  • And many more 


The cure depends on a child’s type of anxiety (as mentioned above). Still, many psychiatry doctors in Guntersville prioritize antidepressants and talk therapy in case of anxiety.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): A condition in which an individual has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors due to the environment. Proper treatment is required when these thoughts and actions take an hour or more of a person’s day.


  • Unnecessary doubts and fears.
  • Uncontrollable mental images.
  • The desire for perfection in everything.
  • Become slow.
  • Check things repeatedly.
  • Lack of satisfaction in everything.


A combination of psychotherapy exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD): If your child consistently shows anger, argues over unimportant things, or desires revenge. Then your child is likely to have (ODD).

Other signs

  • Irritable mood.
  • Placing blame on others for their mistakes.
  • Frequent arguments


As the cause is related to one’s environment, therefore parents need to take some initiatives to make the environment more comfortable for a child’s mental health:

  1. Do not abuse when you are angry.   
  2. Do not neglect your little one.
  3. Give priority to the child’s likes and dislikes.

What support do you give on your own to your child to cope with mental health?

  1. Start the conversation with your kid with any question or joke.
  2. Avoid conversation when emotions are already running high.
  3. Try to listen more than speak (develop good listening skills).
  4. Avoid advising on everything.
  5. Keep an eye on each activity of your child.
  6. Offer your company when they are going out.
  7. Don’t shout and abuse. It will severely affect your children’s mental health. Praise your child even if they don’t bring good grades.

Never let your kid struggle in silence.

Hey parents! Good and tough times come in everyone’s life. The thing which you need to remember is that you are not alone. The professional of valley pediatrics is always ready to support the mental health of your children with plenty of love and care. So, get in touch with an expert in Valley Pediatrics now because every second enhance your child’s mental illness.    

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