Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations Ever Seen

It is an adventure to travel and is much more enjoyable with a well-planned plan of places you want to explore. 2013 is the year to travel. 5 different destinations to travel is yours to enjoy; the option is completely yours, choose a destination and make sure that the year doesn’t finish without you stepping on the ground in any of these unique destinations for travel.


Latvia is tiny however the numerous possibilities for holidays it offers are amazing. With more than 350 miles of beach that is sand-rich and a stunning coastline, it is home to one of the most popular Travel destinations ever seen. The seaside has the resort of Jurmala located in the famous Baltic region. Other sights such as the thick forests in the Kemeri national park can be attributed to the bird-watching high above by a tower of observation. When visiting Latvia’s capital city Riga visitors can take visiting the Latvian open-air ethnographic museum that is among Europe’s biggest and oldest significant structures. There’s something for everyone who visits Latvia!


The center of tourism of Jordan is the city of Petra You may have believed that canyons only existed found in America, Jordanian tourism presents the city of Petra, which was carved from an undiscovered stone canyon in the desert of southern. The city of Petra is believed to have been built during the 6th century of an Arab civilization, known as the Bateans. The remains of the capital city of Amman north Jerash are also an amazing place to visit, coupled with nature reserves made up from desert plains and the gorges.


Join us for a trip to Estonia! Experience the trip of a lifetime , and join others on holiday in the most extensive bog nature trails hikes in the national park of Soomaa. Estonia is tiny in comparison to the combined areas that comprises New Hampshire and Vermont but is fortunate to be home to more visitors than any city in the two. More than half of Estonia area is covered with forest and offers anyone who is looking for a holiday a natural full of trails, a hiking adventure and breathtaking views of marshes, rivers, and lakes that are part of National Park. The coast of Estonia is also home to beaches and beautiful coastlines.


Slovak republic used to be part of former Czechoslovakia and this fascinating country is located at the crossing point in Eastern Europe. Of all European countries, Slovak has a slogan for tourism more commonly referred to by the name “little large country” with a populace that is rich in culture and Carpathian mountains in north. Many tourists are from nearby countries like Austria, Czech republic and Poland. Slovak also has the best infrastructure for tourism, hygiene and health.


A stunning country that has rich history of culture, Turkey not only shares in celebrations that are full of drinks and food, but it also boasts a breathtaking landscape as well. With one of the most impressive rock structures Turkey has witnessed many tourists visiting the country to see the beauty and magnificence that is the “fairy chimney” located within central Anatolia within the Cappadocia region. Cappadocia The entire landscape is composed of houses carved in the rock. Many of these old carvings have been reconstructed to become hotels and motels.

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