The Lakewood Scoop: A Comprehensive an Influential News Outlet

The news landscape has become increasingly dispersed in the age of digital media. It can be challenging for any one outlet to rise above the noise and establish itself as a true authority when there are so many competing sources for attention. However, the Lakewood Scoop has achieved exactly that. This news website, which started in 2008 and covers everything from local news to national politics, has become one of the most influential voices in the Orthodox Jewish community.

We will examine what makes the Lakewood Scoop such an important and one-of-a-kind outlet in this comprehensive review.

Background and History

Yossi Gestetner established The Lakewood Scoop in 2008 with the intention of providing a trustworthy news source for the Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood, New Jersey. There were not many outlets at the time that covered this community in depth, and those that did frequently had a particular agenda or bias. Gestetner, who had previously held a position as a journalist in his home country of Canada, saw an opportunity to fill this void and establish a news outlet that was completely independent.

The Lakewood Scoop was a small business when it first started, run out of Gestetner’s house with the help of a few volunteers. However, as more and more members of the community turned to the website for the most recent news and information, the site quickly developed a following. The website’s size and influence increased over time, and it is now widely regarded as one of the most significant news sources for Orthodox Jews worldwide.

Inclusion and Content

One of the principal traits of the Lakewood Scoop is the broadness of its inclusion. The Scoop covers everything from local news and events to national politics and international affairs, in contrast to other news outlets, which tend to concentrate on a specific niche or subject. The website covers a number of important topics, including:

Local happenings and news: From school board meetings to community events, The Scoop covers a lot of what’s going on in and around Lakewood.


The Orthodox Jewish community’s interests are the primary focus of the site’s regular coverage of state, national, and local politics.

Public safety and crime:

The Scoop is well-known for its in-depth and up-to-date coverage of Lakewood’s crime and public safety issues.

Spirituality and religion:

The site regularly publishes articles and editorials about spirituality and faith, such as commentary on religious holidays and Torah readings.

The Lakewood Scoop publishes a wide range of other content in addition to news coverage, such as editorials, opinion pieces, and community announcements. There is a team of regular contributors to the website, as well as a large group of volunteers who help with support and content creation.

Impact and Influence

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Lakewood Scoop is its rise to prominence as a leading Orthodox Jewish voice. The reporting on the site is well-respected and cited by many people, and it has helped shape the conversation about a lot of important issues.
The site’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic is one example of this.

The Lakewood Scoop provided comprehensive and up-to-date information on case counts, testing locations, and vaccine availability from the beginning of the pandemic. The community was kept informed and aware of the risks posed by the virus thanks to the site’s reporting, which also played a crucial role in promoting vaccination and other public health measures.

Politics is yet another area where the Lakewood Scoop has had a significant impact. The site’s coverage of politics on a national, state, and local level has helped people become more aware of important issues and rally around important causes. For instance, the website was instrumental in urging increased funding for private schools, which are a top priority for Orthodox Jews.


The Lakewood Scoop has been instrumental in promoting increased accountability and transparency in local government. The site has a track record of exposing misconduct and corruption among elected officials and other public figures, and its reporting has contributed to ensuring that these individuals are held accountable.

The Lakewood Scoop has had an impact on the community as well as national attention for its reporting. Major news outlets like CNN and The New York Times have cited the website, making it a go-to resource for journalists and researchers looking for information about the Orthodox Jewish community.

controversy and Criticism Despite

the Lakewood Scoop’s numerous accomplishments, it has not been without its critics. The site has been accused of promoting a particular agenda or bias by some community members, particularly when it comes to politics and education. The website has received criticism from other individuals for its coverage of contentious topics like allegations of sexual abuse within the Orthodox community.

The Lakewood Scoop has its drawbacks, of course. It is run by human beings who can make mistakes or have their own biases and points of view, just like any news organization. However, it is also abundantly clear that the site has had a tremendously positive influence on the community and that its reporting has contributed to the enhancement of the lives of numerous individuals.

Looking Ahead:

As the Lakewood Scoop enters its second decade of operation, it is abundantly clear that it will continue to be a significant part of the Orthodox Jewish community and the wider community. The website has established itself as a significant voice for progress, justice, and fairness due to its extensive coverage, in-depth reporting, and dedication to transparency and accountability.

Naturally, the Lakewood Scoop’s challenges will likely change over time due to the constantly shifting news landscape. The site’s future is likely to be influenced by the rise of social media, the ongoing consolidation of traditional media outlets, and the growing polarization of public discourse.

The Lakewood Scoop, on the other hand, is well-positioned to confront these difficulties head-on due to its strong success record and dedication to meeting community needs. The website will undoubtedly continue to have a positive impact for many years to come, whether that be through innovative new platforms, partnerships with other media outlets, or other methods.

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