Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Internet Consulting Company

Since the Internet has become the new global market, more companies have sought out Internet consulting firms to help them maximize their online business. However, just like any other industry, internet consulting is full of opportunities that range from great to mediocre. In order to determine the best opportunity for you, it helps to have some knowledgeable questions in hand when dialoguing with a potential internet consulting company. Below are valuable questions to ask yourself when choosing the best consulting firm for your needs.

Does the company offer website rebuild?

Although website rebuilding is not officially an SEM or SEO tactic, research shows that outdated or amateur websites consistently receive less attention than professionally designed websites. In addition to strong aesthetic appeal in terms of professional image, a top-notch website also offers top-notch navigation, which plays a role in increasing the performance of a company’s web traffic.

Does the company do SEM before doing SEO?

To get the most out of your web presence, it is imperative that marketing research precedes SEO, as SEO plays a role in determining the effectiveness of the other. Some companies offer search engine optimization as a separate service. But unless you have thorough web marketing research in place, spending money on SEO is putting the cart before the horse. Although website optimization is what increases sales force, its foundation lies in marketing research.

Does the company offer Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns?

PPC is not a new advertising strategy. But with site rankings increasingly driven by “sponsorship”, PPC is becoming a necessity for companies looking to maximize their web presence. Currently, research shows that nearly 50 percent of search engine traffic comes from paid search results, as they usually appear in the first three listings of search results. In traditional marketing, companies compete for business by outdoing each other. But in internet marketing, where the sales force is organized hierarchically based on page rank, being at the top of the list is what counts.

Does the company offer video production?

While it may seem unnecessary for an internet consultancy to offer video production, creating different types of web videos, optimizing them, and placing them on the right media can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. A primary example of why video services are desirable for an internet consultant can be found in home page videos that can be used in various capacities to promote sales. Since the Internet is a visual medium that entertains as much as it informs, using video to promote sales only makes sense.

Hire competent consultants Before you advertise your company, I recommend that you hire at least 3 consultants to work for you. You can start by visiting freelancing sites where you can find the best freelancer workers from all points of the globe. You can also visit blogs and forums that are frequented by these people. Lastly, you can post an ad on your website that contains all your requirements.


Plan an effective advertising campaign. You can get Norstrat Consulting Company to getting your business goal. to Learn the basics of internet marketing in order to easily promote your consulting company. If you are trying to save on your advertising cost, you may consider writing and distributing articles online, building and maintaining a blog, or promoting your business and your site’s URL on blogs or social networking sites that are frequented by your potential clients. However, if you have the money to spare, I recommend that you use banner ads on relevant sites. You may also use search engine marketing, paid links, and PPC advertising. In addition to these marketing tools, you may also think about launching marketing gimmicks like giving out discounts or freebies that can surely capture the attention of your target market.

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