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Oil Filter Machine:

We are a leading manufacturer of top-notch industrial Oil Filter Machine and provide filtration administrations for the industrial Oils onsight. Our filtration units our of automatic and robust make and can be utilize in any environment to convey quality in national aerospace standards and is standards. With the latest innovation and our continuous research and improvement, we have constructed a filtration unit deserving of its class and kind to take care of all oil-based issues. The Oil Maker Machine is also one of our best machines.

Oil Filter Machine Process:

Solid particles are retained in the Oil Filter Machine, and highly pure oil is obtainer from the filter press. You have to clean the filter press each 8 ~ 10 hours, and cleaning takes just 20~30 minutes. We supply various kinds of clothes to match the seasoning impact. 

There are 3 filter clothes; Polyester, Cotton and Polypropylene. Two sets are fit on each plate for the best oil yield. The combination is either Poly.. + PP OR Cotton + PP. PP is always outside, intending to clean soil quickly from PP material. To fit clothes, open the focus round nut with a square hole, place the cloth tight by nuts at focus.

We manufacture and produce a wide variety Oil Filter Machine with various capacities. Our oil mill filter is of high-grade steel. These filtration presses are based on the latest innovation and convey one of the most outstanding filtration results. 

Filter fabrics and their thickness play an essential job in the filtration quality of the oil. We select fabrics by concentrating on various criteria, for example, kinds of oil, dampness level, thickness, the temperature of oil, and so on. Such a client can beat in the market as quality of filtration is a crucial accomplishment for oil miller proprietors to stay in the market and beat contenders

The oil mill plant gives excellent information on how to fit clothes on the plate. Our company’s Wooden Oil Ghani Machine is also highly in demand.

Eye Catching Points Of Shreeja Healthcare Oil Filter Machine:

  • We are pioneers in the fabricated steel design of filter presses.
  • We genuinely supply base tables to give level to the filter press. So don’t bother developing pillars by blocks; installation investment is save considerably.
  • Accurate machining of plates for leak verification joints to withstand operating pressure.
  • Plates are shifte so that filter clothes can be clean easily.
  • The screw thread is machine to such an extent that plates are separate with half exertion compare to other filter presses.
  • Filter cleaning apparatus (Specially planned with wooden handle) is part of the standard inventory.
  • The oil assortment channel is give SS 304
  • We sell specially planned one-of-a-kind filter syphons. Specific individuals demand to utilise just our filter syphon, as it were.
  • Esthetic variety coating to filter press for a better look.


  • To be amongst the most admired and most believed oil filtration arrangement providing company conveying reliable and quality gear to all clients at serious expenses and creating lasting relationships with our clients, providers and representatives. Are characteristic.
  • To this end, we shall advance constant learning, achievement orientation and ethical, strategic policies, which will make us sparkle as a global player.


  • Anticipate and act upon the requirements of our client
  • Achieve greatness in quality, reliability and administration
  • Earn the trust and certainty of all clients by surpassing their expectations and make the company a regarded name
  • Our ultimate goal is to work with energy, dedication, and innovation with complete consumer loyalty.
  • Reliably achieve high development with the most significant levels of efficiency.
  • Be an innovation-driven, productive and financially sound organisation.

Being a quality-concern organization, we guarantee that the main faultless item range is offered Industrial Oil Filter Machine to our clients. To guarantee this, our company directs a progression of stringent quality checks at all degrees of item improvement. Our administration processes are equally plan and opportunely executed, ensuring reliability and accuracy. Our fabrication cycle uses several planning patterns and illustrations to guarantee that the final result is dimensionally accurate and has a long help life. These filter machine are give to our clients by us at a truly reasonable cost.


Dimensional accuracy



Sturdy construction

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