Is PRINCE2 good for small projects?

Some companies have started using remote proctoring for their certifications. Remote proctors are web-based proctors who will monitor your computer remotely. Instead of sitting at the same desk as you, they will be sitting on the other side of the world. You will still interact with the proctor during the exam via a Web camera and microphone. After the exam, the proctor will upload your results directly into your CRM.

These solutions make exams much easier and simpler. This means that everyone can take their certification exam at any time, and in any place. It’s convenient for students, professionals, businesses and other people. However, there are Prince2 foundation some security concerns when you use remote proctoring. You should check the company’s privacy policy so that you understand what data they will collect, and how they will share your personal information.

The most important issue with remote proctoring is your web cam and microphone. We suggest that you only use a webcam for remote proctoring. The reason is that you should not expose yourself to the public in this way. Also, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of a webcam. Another problem is that many webcam and microphones will record your audio and video. This is why you should always have privacy settings turned on.

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