Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy for Wellness and Health  

Doctors often hear the following lines from a patient when prescribing a Vit C therapy.  

Why should I get it? What is the need for iv therapy? I drink orange juice daily. I don’t need it.  I take oral supplements, so why should I get it?   

And many other similar words.   

Say yes, if you are the one who also has the above questions in mind. Now lend 10 minutes of your life to get rid of whats and whys related to IV therapy.  

IV therapy is recommended due to the following benefits:  

Boosts mood and reduces stress:  

Stress can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke because it directly affects the adrenal gland. So, in such a situation, it is recommended to get Vit c IV therapy in Dubai to reduce stress and boost mood. Plus, it assists the thyroid hormones also.  

(An adrenal gland is responsible for giving a response to stress, regulating BP and the immune system).  

Prevent heart diseases:   

A universal truth is many diseases pop up in our bodies when we age. So, heart disease is one of those. Anyhow, we smart humans have found the solution to reduce the risk of heart problems, i.e., iv therapy in Dubai. Vit c in iv drip will reduce cholesterol levels, which in return will make your heart healthy.  

Make your skin better:  

C vitamin therapy always has positive effects on collagen (a protein that gives you a youthful look). So, your nails, skin, and hair will get beautiful when your collagen is healthy. It is also beneficial in treating other health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, vitamin C deficiency, AIDS, radiation sickness, and the common cold.  


Cancer: According to some medical practitioners adding a high dose of IV vitamin C with chemotherapy would be a cherry on the top for cancer patients. For instance, it adds some extra days to the life of cancer patients by protecting non-cancerous cells from radiation. However, still, clinical trials are going on to confirm this theory.  

Infections: Vitamin C has antimicrobial properties. Thus, people receive vitamin C intravenous injections to reduce the risk of sinus and respiratory infections.    

Sepsis and Septic shock: IV drip Dubai containing vitamin c is given to patients in ICU with sepsis to reduce the risk of organ failure and death.  

Fatigue syndrome: IV drip with ascorbic acid reduces fatigue symptoms like sore throat, headaches, joint pain, and stress. Moreover, a single shot of vitamins also protects the person from viral infections.  

Covid ’19: Ascorbic acid is now part of corona treatment. That high dose of Vitamin c drip destroys viruses and bacteria.  

How do those vital fluids mix into my bloodstream?  

IV therapy in Dubai can be done: in the clinic, therapy center, and at home. A trained nurse will be there to insert a needle in your vein to give the nutrients. Moreover, during the process, you have to sit or lie (more preferred) in one place for about 45 to 30 minutes. So, if you want to get all the nutrients at your doorstep through an iv drip in Dubai, then contact Call Doctor.  

Now you can say: I FEEL FRESH! 

Let’s, make a long story short; vitamin c therapy has nourished multiple human bodies differently since the 17th century. Thus, if you want to give your body the same nourishment, get IV therapy from Call Doctor. So, with Call Doctor, hydrate the body and boost your energy level.  

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