How Yoga help to face Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common among women around the world. Currently this disease has new medical processes that allow the patient to survive. However, facing this disease is also challenging other factors, and one of the main ones is psychological.

On the other hand, experts around the world have analyzed yoga as a main source of tranquility, mental health and other symptoms that are affected by the physical and emotional sequelae of breast cancer. According to research from the Cochrane portal , it states that the different postures, asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation helped to balance the stress that patients trigger due to the medical process they are undergoing.

Why is it important to have an activity that helps us?

“It is important that during this illness you can carry out an activity that motivates and drives you. The disease and everything that the patient has to face is exhausting, and no one tells you what you are going to face. However, patients diagnosed with cancer try to do yoga as a way to cope with the symptoms. It is important to determine with the specialist if according to the diagnosis there is any risk with the practice of yoga. However, there are basic techniques that do not require movements, and are only based on breathing”, Fernanda Franco said.

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An investigation reveals important data. What was found?

Based on 24 studies with 2166 women. Women who had completed surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy were found to face other complications and it was poor quality of life, depression, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

However, yoga was found to be effective in improving subsequent complications from the disease. Yoga was also found to reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue in patients. On the other hand, no evidence of serious risks with yoga was found in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. It is worth mentioning that the accompaniment by your specialist must be essential to carry out any type of activity.

These are the benefits of yoga for cancer

“As is well known, one of the symptoms caused by the aggressive methods used to treat cancer is changes in the digestive system. Yoga has postures that demand very little physical energy, and whose benefits are evident at the moment”, explains the specialist.

  • Halasana or plow posture: helps a better movement of the intestines, making the evacuation recurring and decreasing not only the pain of constipation, but also heartburn.
  • With basic postures and breathing: the patient can count on more energy to later carry out the daily activities to which he is accustomed, and even more so if he is down due to the treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy).
  • Basic stretching postures: in this process, if it is practiced for at least half an hour, the result will be the best ally for patients to recover their appetite.
  • Faced with effects such as hair loss and weight loss: low self-esteem is very common due to these factors. However, yoga represents an improvement in that emotional field because with each achievement that they achieve with this practice, their confidence level will improve a lot. Through meditation you will also improve your relationship with yourself and create a connection between your mind, body and spirit.
  • Yoga helps eliminate toxins: twisting postures help strengthen the immune system, thanks to the fact that blood circulation oxygenates the cells of our body.
  • Pranayamas or breathing control techniques: thanks to this process, the mind, body and spirit will achieve the balance they need to deal with the anxiety and stress caused by this disease.

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