How To Know When To Replace Your Ipad Pro 11-Inch Case

An iPad case is one of the essential accessories you can invest in. A high-quality iPad Pro 11-inch case protects your expensive device from unwanted drops, bumps, or falls. Whether you work in an active outdoor environment, sit in an office, or care for your kids, an iPad cover is necessary. It will save you extra repair expenses and hassles. But how do you know when to change your iPad case? Let’s find out.

Signs Of Wear And Tear

Daily use takes its toll on all items, including iPad cases. You might have the most rugged and heavy-duty case, but using it outside or in the extreme will wear it down. Is the non-slip surface rubbed, or has the scratch-proof element worn off? Remember that iPad cases are not everlasting. Their function is to take the hit, sometimes literally, so when the time has come to let go, do so.


The iPad cover’s fit is one of the ways that you’ll realize you need one. A case that has done its time might start slipping out of place, making it extremely unsafe. If you pick up your iPad and it falls out of the case in slow motion, you might be in for an expensive repair. Check that the iPad still fits in snugly and does not have any loose parts where it can pop out. Side note: always check the dimensions of your iPad before buying any cover. The case must have a proper fit.

New iPad Model

Once we are on the note of iPad sizes, you might need to change your iPad case when you upgrade your model. Although you might consider fitting an iPad Air in an iPad Pro 11 case, it’s unsafe. The cover has to fit the device perfectly. If it’s too big, the iPad might slip out when handling it. Or, if it is too small, it can bend or warp the iPad as you try to fit it. Make sure that the iPad case has precise cutouts for the speakers, camera, and charging port. A high-quality case should feel like the iPad’s second skin.

iPad Cover Comes Apart

Some iPad cases that attach at the side with a magnet might not work over time. One of the reasons is that the base might be damaged by a hit, moving the internal magnet. Or the magnet in the cover detached and shifted. This might even affect the iPad’s sleep/wake function when the cover is closed. It’s difficult to repair broken or shifted magnets, so it means you’ll have to start looking for a new case.

Kickstand Case Doesn’t Work

The kickstand case is one of the most outstanding features of an iPad case. Not all have it, but those that do, allow you to use it in a broader range of motion. You can watch a movie, read a book, work on a presentation, follow a workout, or prepare notes. The more angles in the kickstand case, the more things you can do. The Zugu iPad Pro 11-inch case allows you to adjust to eight positions. These range from almost horizontal to almost vertical. However, if the kickstand case breaks or the flaps don’t hold, you’re stuck in the same position. Or you’ll try to prop it up against a secure surface.

Keyboard Breaks

If you have an iPad Pro 11-inch keyboard case, you can use your device as a laptop anytime. In addition, once you get used to having an active keyboard, as soon as you flip the case open, it’s challenging to go back. If the keyboard doesn’t work because of a spilled liquid or something heavy dropped on it, then it’s time to change the iPad case. Remember that you always have the option to purchase a separate but portable Bluetooth keyboard that is not connected to the iPad case. This lets you choose a sturdier iPad case and connect the keyboard anytime.

Top Three iPad Pro 11 Cases

1.       Zugu iPad Pro Case

The Zugu iPad Pro 11 case has a great aesthetic while offering major drop protection. The case is made from robust TPU plastic with reinforced edges. The flap folds back into a kickstand with eight adjustable angles. There is also a snug little pocket where you can store your Apple Pencil. You can choose between six colors for a stylish case that protects your iPad in a five-foot fall on concrete.

2.       Otterbox Defender Pro

This iPad case takes military-grade protection extremely seriously. The Otterbox Defender Series Pro case has a Drop+ feature, which means the iPad Pro is protected against twice as many drops as those set in a military standard test. The multi-layered cover consists of a protective polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover. The shield stand is also made of polycarbonate and offers optimum screen protection. You also get a built-in screen protector and a lifetime warranty.

3.        Logitech Folio Touch

The Logitech Folio Touch is an excellent case that includes an inbuilt keyboard with a mouse trackpad and shortcut buttons. This case instantaneously transforms your iPad into a laptop as soon as you open the front flap.  The keyboard is responsive, with backlit keys in five adjustable light levels. In addition, there is no risk of running out of battery as the iPad’s Smart Connector powers the keyboard.

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