Guide to Holiday Packing: What to Bring on Any Vacation

Whether you intend to drive across town or fly halfway across the world, it’s likely that your vacation will include the travel of some kind. Whether you’re planning a week at a ski lodge, a weekend at the beach, or a visit to one of the country’s major towns, you’ll want to tailor your suitcase accordingly. After all, formal parties need spectacular attire! Here’s a guide for clothing to opt for during your holiday trip. 

Celebration of the New Year

A great way to escape the hassle of traffic and packed cocktail lounges on New Year’s Eve is to spend the evening (and the days leading up to it) at a five-star hotel. Enjoy a nice evening out without having to worry about getting home late since you can just walk back to your hotel (or when the sun starts to come up).

Silver and iridescent fabric make for a show-stopping dress, and a matching clutch adds the necessary flair.

New York City is great any time of year, but it really comes to life during a Christmas party. From September to April, Rolf’s, a German restaurant on Third Avenue, is decked up in more than 100,000 lights and 15,000 decorations.

Dress like a true lady during holiday packing with timeless basics with a lovely twist, such as a camel coat with a teddy feels and a pair of classic black slingbacks with a Christmas bow.

A day at the beach

If you’d rather be on a sandy beach than atop a snowy mountain, we can’t say we blame you. The coldest part of the year is the best time to visit a tropical destination.

You can achieve the perfect photo against the beautiful blue sea by not including your sweater and donning a cotton sundress, terracotta bikini, and a pair of slide shoes in holiday packing, whether you’re headed to the Caribbean or staying at home.

You can even get your clothing stitched by a tailor. Just get some fabric from a wholesale fabric manufacturer or distributor, ready your design, and get them sewn from a sewer. 

Expat travel

It’s best to treat the flight time while going abroad as an additional holiday. (Here’s a hint: it involves purchasing a first-class seat.)

There’s no shame in taking the easy route to your destination, especially when there are so many cute options to involve in holiday packing such as loungewear and athletic apparel to choose from. For your flight attire, we improvised on a denim jacket and sweatpants and added seasonally appropriate velour touches and the tiniest rhinestone dots to shoes made just for the season.

Excursion on skis through the snow

The slopes are the best location to show off your winter whites, but you can also relax in style by the fire with a hot drink in your hand.

The city of Denver has something for everyone, with a booming art and food culture as well as several nearby mountains to explore. This is all available to guests of the Le Méridien Denver Downtown, in addition to discounts at nearby establishments including Renegade Brewing, LAWS Whiskey, and the Clyfford Still Museum.

Don’t worry too much about making sure your white sweater and white pants are an exact match when you’re doing holiday packing; a little variation in shade really helps to round out the outfit.

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