Gift These Fascinating Flowers & Cakes Combination Hamper Under Rs. 1200!

The magnificence of flowers and cakes is such that it is difficult to express through words. Be it birthdays, anniversary, or any other special occasion, this combination hamper works as a great gift. The colourful blooms and the deliciousness of cakes is sure to remind one of the magic of gifting. Not only special occasions, but these can be sent as a lovely surprise to celebrate little moments of everyday life. Send flowers and cake online to your loved ones in India whenever you wish to make them feel loved.

We all know that budget plays an important part in gifting. Therefore, we are here to highlight upon some hampers of cakes and flowers priced under Rs. 1200 only. Interested to know more?

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Emotion Explosion:

Just like the name suggests, give a vent to your emotions with this. Find this stunning hamper containing beautiful roses and a pineapple cake. It features a vibrant bunch of 6 mixed roses in shades of red, yellow and white. The flowers are arranged in a cellophane wrap and tied with a decorative yellow ribbon bow. It comes combined with a half kg pineapple cake. The cake is the perfect mix of fresh cream and tangy pineapple.

Price: Rs. 845.

Roses N Cake Hamper:

Celebrate love and romance with this exclusive hamper. This combination hamper contains a beautiful bunch of red roses and a pineapple cake. It contains a bunch of romantic red roses done in a red paper packing. The flowers are neatly tied with a decorative red ribbon bow. This comes combined with a delicious pineapple cake. The flowers and the cake come combined with a beautiful greeting card to pen down the greetings.

Price: Rs. 979.

Yellow Roses With Chocolate Cake:

Now you can buy flowers and cakes online for your loved ones. Here is a delightful choice of combination hamper. This is a stunning hamper of gorgeous yellow roses and a chocolate cake. It is like gifting the warmth of sunshine and deliciousness at one go. This gift contains a bunch of 12 sunshine yellow roses and a chocolate cake. The roses are beautifully arranged in a neat bunch in a cellophane wrap. The flowers are tied with a decorative yellow ribbon bow. It comes combined with a half kg chocolate cake that is simply delicious.

Price: Rs. 1049.

Tempting Exuberance:

Not everyday do we come across such a pretty combination. For the pink rose lovers, here is this magnificent hamper. Charm your friends and family with this combination hamper containing pink roses and a chocolate cake. The roses are neatly arranged in a cellophane wrap with lots of white fillers. It is tied with a decorative pink ribbon bow. The flowers come combined with a half kg delectable chocolate cake. There’s a beautiful fondant bow on top of the cake which adds to it’s beauty all the more.

Price: Rs. 1049.

Fascinating N Sweet Blend:

Explore a stunning collection of mixed roses and cakes that are truly impressive. Here is a unique choice of a hamper. This contains a bunch of white and pink roses that is indeed fascinating. The flowers are combined with a delicious chocolate truffle cake for the matter. It is a stunning bunch of 6 pretty pink roses and 6 pristine white roses. The flowers are beautifully arranged in a cellophane wrap with lots of seasonal white fillers. It comes combined with a delicious chocolate truffle cake. The pink and white roses and the chocolate truffle cake makes it a hamper par excellence.

Price: Rs. 1142.

As for the online flower delivery along with flavourful cakes, there are different delivery options. You can choose from early morning delivery, evening delivery, fixed time delivery etc. For dropping in romantic surprises, you can avail the midnight delivery of flowers and cakes. The express delivery of flowers and cakes is also there for last minute gifting purposes. Depending on your time of preference, select the gift delivery facility that works best for you. Even if you are away from home, you can easily send flowers and cakes online across India. Celebrate love and fond remembrance with such delightful hampers of beautiful flowers and delicious cakes that makes life worth living!

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