Features When Choosing a Power Supply for ASUS Laptops

The performance of an Asus Laptop depends on many factors including the Asus Power Supply. Many people are not very careful when rolling or dropping their loaders. Due to this kind of carelessness, the device wears out in a short period of time. Also, don’t forget that the unstable voltage of the network will drop. It can be left alone without “loading”.

Reason for failure

The power supply not only charges the laptop battery but also acts as a kind of filter in case of voltage drop. Thus, one of the most common reasons for a device to “hang” is a sudden jump in the network. Among the equally popular topics, it is worth highlighting.

  • Long operation;
  • Drops from height onto hard surfaces (concrete, tile).
  • Bending cables from transport or furniture (cupboards, chair legs, etc.).
  • Moisture ingress into the device block or connector;
  • Animals (cut cable).

It is very difficult to protect your device from all problems, so you should not say goodbye to your Asus laptop if you cannot charge it. Just buy a new charger.

Real or Station Wagon

When choosing accessories at  Asif Computers, you need to decide whether you want to buy original Asus accessories or generic “accessories”. First, there are the following advantages:

  • Better stability.
  • Power reserve.
  • Compliance with declared specifications.

However, a universal device that can be purchased from Asif Computers has similar benefits. Among the additional benefits of the second option is its lower cost compared to its original counterpart. For older Asus computer models, finding the original device may be difficult. Old devices are getting old.

Universal “charging” allows you to charge a laptop from almost any manufacturer, even in the car. Just replace the connector.

Important Information

In order to buy a quality device, it is important to pay attention to certain features of the Laptops. Applies to:

  • Received;
  • Output voltage;
  • Current intensity.
  • Current intensity.

This data can be found by carefully examining the computer’s original power supply or bottom (bottom).

Different laptop models have different connectors, even within the same manufacturer. Choose the best device for your particular computer for the device to work properly. The plug should be inserted without excessive force.

For Asus laptops, the output voltage is up to 19V, and the current power is less than 9A. It is recommended to buy the same power supply as the original one. is also allowed.

Buying a quality device will extend the life of your laptop and protect it from power surges and rapid battery drain. A wide range of equipment will help you choose the best option.


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I’m passionate about technology, gadgets, and programming stuff.

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