FBISD Meets the Needs of the Whole Child

FBISD is dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole child by offering educational experiences that promote academic, behavioral, emotional and social growth in students. Studies show that when this goal is accomplished, learning becomes easier for all involved.

In November, the district will ask voters for approval of a tax rate increase; this will not impact homeowners who claim the 65+ or disabled homestead exemptions.

Career and Technical Education

Fort Bend ISD’s James Reese Career and Technical Education Center in Sugar Land is filled with students wearing chef jackets, medical scrubs and automotive work shirts as they walk its halls. Here students from all 11 high schools can access advanced Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses covering areas like agriculture and natural resources; architecture and construction; arts & audio/video technologies & communications; culinary arts/human services/IT services and JROTC.

Meredith Watassek, director of CTE for Fort Bend ISD, works to change perceptions about careers that don’t require four-year college degrees. Her goal is to show how CTE pathways can lead to successful and in-demand employment options.

Fine Arts

FBISD’s arts curriculum fosters discipline, builds lasting character traits and equips students with essential 21st-century success skills. FBISD Skyward offers performing arts such as orchestra, choir, band and dance as well as visual art programs to its students.

James leads a team of dedicated arts specialists, who consistently deliver excellent campus-based Fine Arts programs. Under his guidance, FBISD has earned nine Best Communities for Music Education designations from The NAMM Foundation; additionally its music groups have achieved state and national renown.

Elementary music classes for young children emphasize sequential musical learning. Children explore their creativity by discovering various instruments and musical styles from across cultures and time periods. Furthermore, children further their artistic skills by investigating line, value, texture, and color elements of art.


Fort Bend Independent School District’s varsity athletic teams are widely considered among the finest in Houston. Beyond traditional team sports like football, baseball, volleyball and soccer, Fort Bend ISD also offers cross country, basketball, swimming, wrestling, golf and tennis programs.

Athletic teams from this district have won multiple state titles over time. Furthermore, it serves as home to the National Federation of High School Sports Network which allows fans to follow their favorite high school teams from the comfort of their own home.

Prior to participating in any FBISD athletic team or trying out for one, students are required to have a comprehensive physical. This physical is valid for one calendar year.

Student Recruitment

Middle schoolers can explore multiple career pathways with support through coursework, job shadowing and internship opportunities. Furthermore, the James Reese CTC provides advanced career and technical programs for high schoolers where students can earn industry certification as well as college credit in certain program areas.

FBISD prides itself on offering innovative programming options and student choice at the high school level, such as our Early College High School programs which enable students to complete both high school and college coursework simultaneously while earning up to two years worth of tuition-free college credit while simultaneously earning their diploma.

Talent Acquisition team supports the District’s mission by offering services such as Forecasting, Planning, Recruiting and Sourcing. Furthermore, this team oversees Extended Day program which offers before/after school care services to families within its boundaries.

Extended Day

Extended day programs typically provide before and after-school care on school campuses for children whose parents work outside regular school hours, vacation care or intersession activities for students enrolled in these programs. Students in these programs often gain access to educationally enriching activities.

Students enrolled in kindergarten through Grade 5 can take part in extended day at any FBISD elementary school, beginning as early as 7:00 AM when they arrive on campus and are supervised until being brought directly into their classes at the start of each school day.

Extended Day can be picked up any time prior to 6:00 PM on school days. Registration and changes can be done each month with a $25 change fee applied per request.

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