Everything You Want To Know About The Express Entry Draw Today

An express entry draw is an immigration program that enables the immigration news canada of skilled workers to Canada. Ever since the pandemic Canadian immigration has been doing an express entry draw after every two weeks. Inviting lots and lots of skilled workers from across the countries.

Under this program, every candidate who is willing to immigrate to Canada can fill out an online form and be part of the latest express entry draw. The draw works in conjunction with the Canada job bank, and then the applications are directed to possible employers who are looking for prospective applicants from around the world.

The process is simpler as compared to other nations and the fastest way to get permanent residence in Canada. Thousands of applicants are selected and moved to the host country after the draw takes place. Once the candidate is selected, the name is shortlisted in the draw. The person has a minimum of 60 days to complete the process of immigration and apply for the next process of permanent residence.

What is the CRS score, and how it works?

The selection of the candidates for the express entry draw today is based on the comprehensive ranking system, which is based on various factors like work experience, the skill of the worker, education, and the language ability of the person applying.

There are no such criteria for applying for the minimum CRS score, and each year there are new minimum score points that are shortlisted. You have to score out of 1200 points. And the eligibility criteria remain with those who are ranked highest on the CRS score.

Even if you have not been able to rank on top of the table, there are ways where you could possibly improve your score.

Managing your CRS score with time and experience becomes easier, scoring better points on ILETS where you could improve on the points table drastically well if you have doubled your ILETS results from the previous attempt.

What if my CRS score turns out to be zero?

On some rare occasions, we have witnessed drastic results where the CRS score turns out to be zero as soon as you enter the pool and finds out that your application has been in the pool for months and has not been upgraded. It certainly means that you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria.

The number of years in your work experience, your language score, and the age limits are some of the points that make you ineligible for the program.

How long my express entry profile is valid:

Because every two weeks, the express entry draw takes place, and if your application is not being accepted for 12 months, it means that your express enter profile has now been invalid, and you will be asked to redo the process.

Can you fill out your own express entry profile?

When you are appearing for the express entry, draw one of the most common questions that we are asked each day. Can I do the express entry profile on my own?

Yes! There are guidelines available that enable you to fill out your own profile. There are no such requirements for hiring an agent who could do the job for you. But there are certain complications and language constraints that may make your case weaker, and you may lose CRS points.

Therefore, if you think that you won’t be able to fulfill the requirements of the express entry profile, then hiring an agent for the job will allow you to submit the application with ease.

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