Electric Jet Ski Lifts: The Definitive Solution

Are you looking for a used floating dock for drive on boat lifts? Do you need electric Jet Ski lifts? What is Jet Ski lift for? Removing the boat from the water with the help of electric Jet Ski lifts avoids the problems of snails and algae on the bottom of the boat, in addition to the material’s wear and tear due to the boat’s continuous movement while mooring. Removing the boat from the water prevents humidity. It guarantees that the boat will not suffer any problems during a bottom valve failure. 

But what is a used floating dock like? What drive-on boat lifts do they work with? Can they be installed on any port? Are they easily handled? Discover electric jet ski lifts with us!

In the United States, electric Jet Ski lifts are standard due to their many advantages. In places like Florida-USA, even in the great lakes of Chicago, there are hundreds of thousands drive on boat lifts installed. Many different types are activated by compressed air, with pulleys and electric motors, or even other models that act like inflatable mats.

Some used floating docks have the appearance of a small “Travel-Lift” type crane, although they differ from these in addition to their size because they cannot move from the site and are designed for a particular use. As cranes move merchandise pallets, other drive-on boat lifts can be installed on two unique and oversized vertical rails.

Many electric Jet Ski lifts are built in aluminum and others in hot-dip galvanized steel, which makes it possible to offer a 20-year guarantee against rust, after which galvanizing maintenance is sufficient. The marine environment does not, therefore, represent any inconvenience. There is no limitation by size, and it is possible to design drive-on boat lifts for any boat and any displacement, although it is normal to see them for motor boats from 5 to 12 meters in length.

In the US, there are marinas where drive-on boat lifts have been installed in all moorings, given the enormous advantages you represent. The owners demand them, and the competition does the rest. The lifting and lowering system can be hydraulic; or pneumatic. 

In some marinas consulted, even having a mooring property, the port management opposes the installation of drive-on boat lifts, citing security, aesthetics, and other “outlandish” excuses. But what possibly happens is that the port would lose the possibility of subletting the mooring paid for by a ship owner when he is not occupying it.  In other ports, the “density” of ships per linear meter of the jetty is so great that the mere idea of admitting elevators and therefore “wasting” the space left between ship and ship scares the astute marina managers with such to be able to “squeeze” the maximum capacity of its ports.

How are electric Jet Ski lifts used?

When we arrive at the jetty, it is enough to press a button on the remote control for the boat to descend to the water’s surface gently. Since it has been in the air during our absence, the gel coat of the bottom work is as clean and polished as the first day again. The bilges are completely dry with no rust spots, and the engine drives or propellers are mirror polished. We no longer need to put antifouling on our boat because when we finish using it, it is out of the water, and when it is used, it sails, with which nothing sticks to our hull, which is always like new.

After sailing, we arrive at our mooring place, clearly marked by the columns that protrude from the water. Centering our boat in the square is easier because we can identify the yard, and the cues can help us get the boat into the mooring. We get off the boat after having picked it up, and it is enough to press another button on the remote control to see how the boat is more than a meter from the water’s surface in a couple of minutes.

The structure of the electric Jet Ski lifts is so solid that not even a massive storm can move a single centimetre. For this reason, the ship remains so still, despite the wind, as if she were stranded in a dry marina. This avoids friction and blows that, despite the defenses, usually damage our ship’s gunwale and other elements. A port equipped with drive-on boat lifts, electric Jet Ski lifts and a used floating dock lined with wood is even more attractive than the traditional pontoons in all marinas. 

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