Disability Services

Dedicated disability support workers provide individuals with the assistance they need to live more fulfilling lives. They offer a variety of services, including transportation, home care finders, and over-the phone or in-person assistance with disability applications.

A disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Determining whether a person has a disability requires an individual analysis.

Bergen County Division of Disability Services

The Bergen County Division of Disability Services was founded in order to make people with disabilities’ lives more meaningful. This is accomplished by providing access to a wide range of programs and services aimed at enhancing health, education, employment, recreation, social engagement, and other aspects of independent living.

In addition to a wide array of direct services, the division also coordinates educational activities that address a variety of topics related to prevention, transition, and disability. These efforts are designed to educate individuals and the general public on issues affecting people with disabilities and their families.Looking for best disability service in melbourne?

The ADRC information and assistance unit of the division is a one-stop resource point for persons with disabilities. It provides comprehensive resources and listings for queries about disability-related issues and requests for agency referrals. This service is offered at no cost to private and public sector entities, as well as the community-at-large.

This service is for older adults and people with disabilities over 18 years old, and their caregivers. It helps them access long-term, complex, and high-quality care, as well as health and human services. It also advises local governments, the Division of Aging Services, on unmet needs and recommends legislation when appropriate.

In our view, a key to the success of our disability services work has been building meaningful relationships with both state and local government. This entails sharing resources, leveraging expertise and ensuring that our disability offices have a seat at the policy-making table at every level of government.

Catholic Charities Disability Services & Ministries

Catholic Charities Disability Services & Ministries offer people with disabilities throughout the eight-county Diocese of Cleveland opportunities and resources to live life to their potential and to participate fully in Church and society. They also link those with disabilities to more than 100 other services in the Catholic Charities system throughout the diocese.

We provide a wide range of educational, social and recreational programs as well as spiritual, pastoral, sacramental and catechetical services. We also work to promote the integration of persons with disabilities into Church and society and to develop their gifts so they can assume leadership and ministerial roles.

Our mission is to promote dignity in all people with disabilities, just as God created them. Our goal is to promote the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of those with disabilities.

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri provides support coordination services for individuals with developmental disabilities. The CCSOMO Support coordinator works with the individual, their families, and support team to find resources, make referrals and monitor services to ensure that the Individual Service Plan is being properly followed.

We also encourage parishes to seek out and work with our Disabilities Coordinator to increase their capacity to welcome, include and advocate for all baptized people with disabilities and their caregivers in their social, spiritual and liturgical activities. This includes the coordinating of the annual inclusive Mass for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, as well as support for parish Caregiver Connection Zoom and Creative Connections Zoom meetings.

City University of New York

The City University of New York, a public university system in New York City, has been providing an accessible education for more than 150 years. Founded as “The Free Academy” in 1847, it has been among the top colleges in the world in many areas of study.

CUNY is committed to equal access for all students with disabilities. Using nationally recognized best practices, the CUNY disability services team works to make it easier for students with disabilities to achieve their full academic potential.

Each CUNY campus has an Office of Disability Services managed by a director who coordinates the provision of reasonable accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. The offices verify student needs and arrange crucial auxiliary aids, including assistive technology, note takers, readers, sign language interpreters, distance learning networks, priority registration and alternative testing arrangements.

Disability Services facilitated 30,851 accommodations in the past year, an 9.95% increase over last year’s numbers. This includes captioning, sign language and CART services for 1,017 classes and virtual proctored and administered online accommodations for 14,451 exams and quizzes.

The Disability Services Department promotes self-advocacy and community engagement by empowering students to become active members of their local communities through exploring, connecting and volunteering. The team also helps students develop a sense of self-worth and identity as someone who is capable of making a difference in the world.

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