Create Professional Custom Pre Roll Boxes For Your CBD Brand

Nowadays, CBD products are extensively used across the United States. From medical uses to recreational and food purposes, CBD products are used in a wide range of products. One of the most widely used products belongs to CBD class pre rolled blunts & joints. Pre roll CBD joints are considered a safe way of consuming cannabis. There is a common misconception that pre roll joints are handmade, which is simply not true. Instead, pre-roll products are loaded and rolled by machines.

The base of pre-rolls joints is known as trim. Trim is made of buds and bits of cannabis leaves. Based on users’ preference, the trim return rolled in a joint, blunt, or cone. Pre-roll products are usually filled with CBD flowers or A or B-grade buds. Each variant of CBD pre-roll product has its own effectiveness. Nowadays, CBD brands mostly use custom pre roll boxes for pre-roll products.

In this blog post, we shall explain how you can create professional custom pre roll boxes for your CBD brands.

Use premium quality raw material for Pre-roll packaging.

Choosing the perfect raw material is the first step in creating adequate pre roll packaging. With the advent of customized packaging boxes, the importance of quality raw materials also increased. There is no exaggeration in saying that perfect packaging is incomplete without the best quality raw material. That’s why most CBD brands nowadays use premium-quality packaging.

Pre Roll Joint Boxes that are made with high-quality raw materials are popular among CBD brands. Mostly, corrugated, cardboard, and kraft material is used in making good quality CBD packaging. It is noteworthy to mention that pre roll boxes made with the above-mentioned materials protect CBD products from moisture and damage.

Be creative when designing Pre Roll Boxes.

After material, design is perhaps the most important part of CBD packaging. Without an attractive design, any product packaging is incomplete. One of the most effective ways to enhance the effectiveness of your packaging is to add attractive designs. When designing Pre roll box packaging, make sure you use your creativity and imagination.

A well-designed product packaging can make your pre roll CBD products stand out on store shelves. Most importantly, customers who buy pre roll CBD products prefer nicely designed customized packaging. Relevant artwork and interesting visuals can enhance your packaging tenfolds.

Simple yet effective Pre Roll Packaging

There is a famous saying: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This philosophy can be applied in pre roll packaging as well. Market researchers proved that packaging plays a crucial role in drawing customers’ attention. Brands that are using custom pre roll packaging has far better sales response than other brands. However, it is important to mention that you should not add too many design elements to the CBD boxes. Adding too much information or colors can have detrimental effects on your brand. While designing pre roll packaging, make sure you use elegant and clear fonts. Try using subtle color combinations. Perfectly designed yet simple packaging can attract buyers from a distance. 


The popularity of personalized packaging among CBD is growing at a rapid pace. Top CBD businesses have already adopted custom CBD packaging. The transition from conventional to personalized packaging has been proven effective and fruitful for small, medium, and large CBD brands.

Many brands have experienced a significant rise in the sales of pre roll cannabis items after adopting custom packaging. Packaging experts recommend using pre roll boxes wholesale. With the help of wholesale options, brands can exponentially lower their production and packaging costs. This, as a result, will have positive effects on the long-term growth of a CBD business. We tried to explain the steps involved in designing effective pre roll CBD packagin. Hope, this article will help you understand the importance of well designed CBD boxes. 

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