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People are always interested in reading interesting content. If you are getting less audience for your content, maybe it’s because your content is getting boring which is a very common thing. When we keep on writing the same sort of content, the writing gets stale and we need to change some things to keep fresh and alive.

Remember audience will spend their time when they will enjoy reading. So, let’s break the monotony and write some interesting content that will engage more and more readers to your blog.

Don’t be too short

The length of the content should be appropriate if the lengthy article seems to be unappealing so does the too-short articles. The article should not be so short that it misses the important part of the idea of the content.

When the article is too short, it would only seem like you have provided the outline and not the whole idea. The problem with the short article is that it takes time to get the interest of the readers and the moment they start getting interested, the article would end.

Engage them in a story

Telling a story can be beneficial for you as people automatically get interested when they are reading a story. It is a scientifically proven fact that the brain gets instantly activated while reading a story. Stories also activate the motor cortex of the brain which is responsible for muscular motion. On hearing a story, our brains get engaged in neural coupling which helps us to think about the further ideas written in the story.

When we read the emotional points in a story or the points that excite us, the brain releases dopamine, which is referred to as a “happy chemical”.

So, we have a clear idea from the above-written information that story is the best way to engage more and more audiences with your blog.

For instance, if you are writing a blog for packers and movers, rather than writing plain content, you must create a story. This will engage your audiences and make them interested in your brand services.

Writing in the first person

The most attractive way of writing is writing in the first person which is quite natural. We always talk in the first person in our routine. When we talk, we do not use pronouns for ourselves as it seems quite made up.

So, you do not have to be afraid of writing in your first language. People would feel that you are talking about your real-life experiences and they would be keen to read more. The content gets dry when you keep referring to the third person or use the term “the author”.


Transition means giving a signal when there will be a shift in the direction of your writing. It is very common when writer shifts from the subject they are currently writing, but the audience is unprepared for that and they lose track of reading and fails to adjust to the transition.

Transition can save the article from falling off. You can create a transition easily by displaying visual cues such as writing the big headlines, sub-headings, or numbering the lists. You can also use some header tags for the best display of the transition. It also helps highlight any new point that you are about to make. It needs you to have mindfulness while writing the article.

The plain text also bores the audience but the transition headings and tags would keep them engaged and interesting in further reading.


Foreshadow means to reflect the idea of the post in such a way that it does not reveal the whole plot. It tells only the required part of the story which keeps the readers engaged and makes them interested in reading further. It is a setup for the reader so that they can have an idea of what they are going to read further.

Foreshadowing is helpful in increasing the curiosity level of the readers and it also keeps their anticipation level high. You can give foreshadowing to your article where you write a short preview of the article. It basically involves communicating the introduction and the outcome of the article so that people can have an idea about what they would be getting at the end of the article.

Your article will be less boring when you write a foreshadowing of the article in the beginning. The readers that would like to read the outcome would be more interested in reading if they first know what the blog contains.

Be clear

Clarity should be the priority of the writer. The content which is easy to read and understand is always preferred more by the audience than the content which is complex. Sometimes, when we try to make our content interesting, we end up making it tough to understand by using complex vocabulary and active verbs.

Some words that seem good are not easy to understand by everyone and people would stop reading the content the moment when they feel that it is tough to get it.

Stop writing when it is enough

No doubt, word count is important to write the content but do not stress too much about it. Writers who get their pay as per the word count, are often worried about the word count but why any other writer would be worried about the word count.

The one thing that you should be worried about is the idea of the content and how helpful it is going to be for the readers. Readers would not care about the word count; they would read it if it was any of their use. The rest of the things won’t matter to them.

So, there is no need to keep the articles lengthy without any reason. Keep it short, clear, and precise so that people don’t get bored with the repetition of the content.

Sentence length

The length of the sentence should be appropriate. Some people write sentences that never end and readers lose track and the idea. Short sentences are better at grabbing attention and people understand easily. But it should not be too short also that it covers only half of the information.

You can use conjectures to connect two sentences that are in continuation. Appropriately short sentences are better at keeping the readers interested.

So, when you will start writing the next article, you just need to be natural and follow the tips mentioned above.

Master James
Master James
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