Block Paving Patterns

When selecting block paving patterns, there are plenty of choices available. Selecting the ideal laying pattern can make all the difference in how your driveway or patio looks.

Prior to beginning any paving project, it’s essential that you select a pattern carefully and consult with your paving contractor. Doing this ensures that you receive exactly the design desired.

Stack & Stretcher Bond

For a simple and modern outdoor area, the Stack & Stretcher Bond pattern is an excellent choice. This pattern is easy to install and works well with different types of paving materials. Furthermore, its strength to withstand heavy foot traffic makes it perfect for walkways.

This pattern is highly versatile, suitable for many materials such as Indian sandstone and limestone. Additionally, you can lay it at a 45-degree angle to add visual interest in your space.

Stretcher bond paving is one of the most sought-after paving patterns in the UK, featuring single size rectangular slabs laid along their longest side for an interlocking effect. It can be used for driveways, patios and more.

Unlike other paving patterns, this one is simple to lay and requires minimal cutting. Plus, its minimal waste production makes it an eco-friendly choice that reduces environmental impact.

This block paving pattern utilizes rectangular cobblestone blocks (tumbled setts) to give your property a traditional, rustic or period aesthetic. It’s most often seen in courtyards and terraces but can also be installed in other applications.

Tumbled paving setts are laid in a classic stretcher bond pattern, with each row offset by about 50% from adjacent rows. This creates an eye-catching edge course that draws attention as people enter and leave your property.

Another variation of stack bond installations is broken bond, which alternates the block sizes to give off a more rustic aesthetic. While less common in the UK, this style of installation is becoming increasingly popular as an attractive alternative to traditional stack bonds with added visual interest.

UK pavers often opt for this simple-to-install pattern when installing single sized paving slabs, as it requires minimal effort. With such an ease of use, it makes a great option for those seeking an easy installation pattern that will last years.

A well-kept walkway or patio is an important element of your property, and selecting the correct block paving pattern is key to its success. Not only should it match the architectural design of your house, but it should also add functionality and beauty to the space as well. There are various different block paving patterns available; however, it’s important to do your research before making a final decision so that you select the most suitable option for your residence.


Block paving patterns are an excellent way to add style and character to your driveway, patio or garden. Not only are they easy to install and require minimal upkeep, but their long-lasting nature means you can rest assured they’ll look great for years to come.

Block pavers come in a range of patterns, one popular being herringbone. This type of paving is extremely strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for driveways.

Herringbone is a classic and timeless paving pattern that can be used on driveways or other areas of your property. It can be laid at either 45- or 90-degree angles, making it perfect for areas needing extra protection from elements.

The herringbone pattern is an ideal choice for a driveway, as it’s strong and can support considerable weight when interlocked. Plus, your paved driveway will have an eye-catching aesthetic that’s sure to grab attention of passersby.

It’s wise to select a brick paving contractor who can show you examples of their previous work with the same pattern as yours. This will give you an accurate representation of how it will appear and help determine the ideal type of block paving pattern for your property.

Begin your herringbone pattern by placing the first few blocks along the base line in a single direction. Immediately after, lay another few on top of those in an identical direction. Continue until you have reached the end of your paved area.

Once the entire paved area has been covered, you can begin laying the second paver layers adelaide of bricks. Depending on the width of your driveway, you can use various brick sizes to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Herringbone paving can also be replaced with running bond, which uses rectangular pavers in rows instead of the traditional zig-zags. This pattern creates a look similar to subway tiles and works well for driveways located in rural areas.

Herringbone can be an attractive driveway option, but it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. It requires precision and patience during installation – so be sure to have all necessary tools on hand. Furthermore, this pattern requires more cutting than other types of block paving so be sure to inquire beforehand about their cutting requirements.


The basket weave paver pattern is one of the most captivating block paving designs. This classic English landscape design aesthetic was popular during the Victorian era and continues to be a sought-after choice among homeowners looking for an eye-catching aesthetic in their home.

Basket weave paver patterns offer homeowners endless creative options when it comes to personalizing the exterior of their home. One popular variation is known as the “by four” basket weave, which involves using pavers that measure four times longer than they are wide.

Alternately, there is the “by six” basket weave. This pattern requires pavers that are six times as long as they are wide and requires minimal effort to complete.

This pattern is an excellent choice for homeowners who desire a durable paving design that will enhance their outdoor space. It can be utilized on patios, walkways and driveways alike.

One variation to the basket weave paver pattern is the 3:3. This variation works similarly to the standard version, except you work from right to left instead.

Begin by placing the first two pavers so their short sides face you and are side-by-side. Next, arrange the remaining three pavers so their short sides face you with their long sides against one another in front of them.

Repeat this pattern in all directions until you achieve a woven design like the one pictured below. For an even more unique appearance, arrange the first paver at a 45 degree angle.

The basket weave paver pattern is an eye-catching design that can be used for nearly any outdoor area. Not as common as some of its counterparts, this paving style remains popular among homeowners looking to add a vintage charm to their home.


Diamond pavers are an attractive way to add visual interest and texture to your driveway or patio area, and come in many colours. If you are interested in this design, contact a professional paving contractor who can provide you with a quote for the work as well as how long it will take them to lay the bricks in your desired area.

Block paving contractors can show you various laying patterns and explain the techniques involved in each one. Furthermore, they’ll inform you of the cost associated with each option so you can select one that best suits your driveway or patio needs.

Before you agree to having the laying pattern installed in your garden, it is wise to discuss it with them and get an idea of how it will look in the space. Furthermore, ask them if they can show you different designs before beginning the lay so that you can determine if you like them or not.

Diamond block paving pattern is one of the most sought-after choices for block paved driveways and patios. This versatile pattern can be laid in many colors, as well as combined with other block paving designs like stack bond, staggered stretcher bond or herringbone.

When installing block paving, there are a number of factors to take into account such as the underlying sub base, color of bricks and desired pattern. Always discuss your ideas and design with your paving contractor prior to beginning work so that you can receive an estimate that meets all your requirements.

Block paving installed by a professional paving contractor can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property and increase its value. When choosing your laying pattern, keep in mind that this will determine how long it takes to lay each brick, as well as affect pricing for these services.

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