Bali Pass trek: Complete details


 Bali Pass Trek a Connecting Ruinsara vale to Yamunotri vale in the Garhwal Himalayas Uttarakhand 

The Bali Pass Trek is located at a height of 4953 metres.The Bali Pass Trek starts from Sankri Base Camp, which is the base camp of further than twenty- five treks that finish at Yamunotri Jankichatti in Uttarakhand.

 The Bali Pass Trek comes under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National demesne in Uttarkashi quarter Uttarakhand. No doubt, and the Himalayas have alluring beauty, bracing climate, and desirable soothing green meadow. 

 So, what differently can be better than spending some days then in the serenity! 

 The special thing is that, you can also do this journey together with Harkidoon journey, for which you must have Dehradun to Dehradun for 8 nights and 9 days. includes transport. 

 Bali Pass Trek 

 What’s special about Bali Pass Trek? 

 touring to this immersing Bali pass can be a spiritual experience for a continuance. Bali Pass Trek comes in the order of grand major adventure treks where you can find the substance of tradition Chardham. 

 Yamunotri tabernacle is the stylish part of this journey, with rich meadows, champaigns, mountain crests, pine timbers, glacial ranges, and jaw- dropping views of the Great Himalayas. 

Explore the holy glacial lake “Ruinsara Tal” while travelling, then continue on to the sacred passageway at Yamunotri tabernacle by crossing the Yamunotri pass.. also, it included in the list of virgin journeys in Uttarakhand Himalayas. 

 audacious Bali Pass Trek 

 Most importantly, the journey is a delicate bone

 and not for newcomers because the trail is exhilarating and includes crossing parlous areas and steep ascents. 

 thus, the journey involves associated challenges but is great for adventure campaigners and avaricious pedestrians. In addition to the adventure and beauty, the marvelous outlook views in the Himalayas thus, Bali Pass is a tremendous odd crossover journey in the Uttarakhand. 

 Bali Pass View 

 Yamunotri Dham positioned in the Uttarkashi quarter of Uttarakhand. 

 The Temple positioned in the western region of Garhwal. 

 The Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River, about,293 m above the ocean position. 

 Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal constructed this tabernacle. 

 Stylish Time to do Bali Pass Trek 

 Bali Pass is a veritably beautiful and an uphill & after peak upwardly journey in the Himalayas, The Bali Pass Trek is great for those people 

 The right time to do this journey is from 5th May to the last of June and also from the last of August to the last month of October. 

 especially in the months of May and June, snow is set up in cornucopia then, which makes your journey veritably memorable and also a little delicate. So this journey shouldn’t be considered too easy 

 Bali Pass Trek 

 Bali pass Pass journey in May or June? 

 Bali Pass Trek Month in May and June gives a slightly different experience to Pedestrians because in May you start getting snow after later Ruinsara Tal. bali odari 

 The Bali Pass journey starts from Sankri base Camp and its end point is Jankichatti Road head 

 In May and June, you get a combination of both verdure and snow, which makes the journey veritably spectacular. The rainfall in May and June is relatively good and journey friendly, which makes touring a lot of fun. 

 During the day the temperature of Bali Pass is around( 5 °C to 10 °C and during the night the temperature comes down to-1 °C to-5 °C which isn’t bad. 

 Bali Pass journey in September or October 

 Bali pass is a little different in the months of September and October, this is because you won’t find snow then in these months. 

 But the beauty of the journey won’t be lacking, the journey and nature beautify themselves with time and in different colors. Month of September and October are veritably good days to journey, at this time total verdure and at the end of October occasionally you can get to see live snow fall. 

 How delicate is Bali Pass Trek? 

 Bali pass pass journey isn’t veritably delicate and not easy either, this journey comes in a moderate and delicate position, and peak point little bit delicate, 

 This journey is a bit delicate, but if your fitness is good and you have it in your mind that I want to journey also you can do it absolutely. 

 Short Diary of Bali Pass Trek 

 Day 1- Pick up to you from Dehradun road station – Drive to Sankri request – 210 Km(8/9 Hours( 1920 measures) overnight stay our hostel 

 Day 2 – Trek from Sankri to taluka by hack – 11 km same day journey to Cheludgad camp( 12 km)(4/5 Hours)( 2600 measures) late stay camp 

 Day 3 – Trek from Cheludgad camp to Devsu Bugyal( 07 km)(3/4 Hours)( 2890 measures) late stay Camp 

 Day 4 – Trek from Devsu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal( 12 km)(5/6 Hours)( 3500 measures) late stay camp 

 Day 5 – Trek from Ruinsara Lake to Odari camp( 7 km)(4/5 Hours)( 3815 measures) late stay camp 

 Day 6 – Trek from Odari camp to Bali pass Summit – down to upper Damni( 11 km)( 3800 measures)(4/5 Hours) 

 Day 7 – Trek from Upper Damni to Yamunotri tabernacle or Jankichatti( 11 km)( 2650 measures)(6/7 Hours) night stay in hostel 

 Day 8 – Drive from Jankichatti to Dehradun by hack( 185 km)(8/9 Hours)

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