4 Different Types of Ribbons That Can Add Elegance to Your Decoration

Ribbons were supposed to be the symbol of class and standard as there was a time when only rich people can afford them. But, today anybody can afford it and there is a wide range of ribbons. So you can choose according to your need because there is a wide range of options available out there.

This is not surprising that ribbons can be used in many different ways such as wrappings for Christmas, decorating gifts, decorating our hair, etc. and when it comes to decoration, it is one of the best things one can use as it can take various shapes. As they are not expensive so you can get cheap ribbons in bulk and can change the look of your dress or gift, or décor arrangement and much more, without investing a lot.

If you want to get the perfect styling result with ribbons, then it is really important for you to know about the different types of ribbons and how to use them. The way you will use the ribbons creatively will make a difference in your decoration.

Different Types of Ribbons:

  • Grosgrain Ribbon: these are ribbons that are preferred mostly when it comes to fabric decorations. This type of ribbon is specifically used to add extra detailing to the fabric such as, it is used you make a bow to attach to your dress, gown, frock, jacket, etc. 

This type of ribbon has a textured appearance which make it give a very unique glossy look. This ribbon type is not like any other type as it is not soft, but it is durable and can be used in different shapes. Now decorators also use it for gift wrapping as it add beauty to the gift and is also highly used for flower decoration.

  • Organza Ribbon: this type of ribbon is highly popular and used for decorating wedding chairs and tables, so this type of ribbon is used highly and you must have seen it various times. They are light weighted, thin, and get smoothed easily.

This type of ribbon is highly used to line up wedding gowns to add a touch of grace to the fabric. This type of ribbon is quite versatile and can be used in different types such as it can be used in wrapping bouquets, can be used to decorate chairs and tables.

  • Lace Ribbon: This type of ribbon is used to be sewn into fabrics manually. They look very beautiful but do not offer the same durability as other types of ribbons but as they are very beautiful which makes them the best option to add an extra spark to the decorations, they are highly used for high-profile events.
  • Satin Ribbon: This is one of the most popular options that is picked by decorators and the reason behind it is that they are very versatile and they can catch attention very easily. They look very shiny and smooth, this is the reason they can be used in various ways. These ribbons come in various shapes and sizes. 

They’re suitable for a variety of tasks thanks to their shiny and smooth surface. Many decorators favor satin ribbons over others due to their soft nature, which allows them to run cutting tools such as sewing scissors over it with little effort. So the more you have options more are chances of being creative. So you can just buy satin ribbons in bulk and can use them to decorate in many ways.

So these are the types of ribbons, I hope the explanation about each type will make it easier for you to choose which kind of ribbon you need for the decoration.

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